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Plantain removes metal splinters from finger

While away from home at an activity recently, my 15-yr-old son was playing ball with some of his friends when the ball they were playing with rolled under a wall heater. He reached back under it to retrieve it and stabbed his finger on something. It bled badly, but after the bleeding stopped, he didn't worry about it. Over the next couple of days, his finger began to swell and turn red and became very painful. We looked closely to see if he had any foreign objects in it, but could find nothing. I was sure there had to be something foreign in it that we couldn't see, and remembering how plantain can draw things out, I wrapped his finger in some guaze soaked with plantain before he went to bed. The next morning, we removed the guaze and saw a couple of large metal splinters sticking up out of his finger. They looked like bits of old steel wool. (I'm guessing someone had plugged a mouse hole under that heater with steel wool.) They were so deeply imbedded in his finger before that we couldn't see them, but the plantain drew them out. We easily removed them with tweezers, and the pain, inflammation, and redness were gone.

Re: Plantain removes metal splinters from finger

This is a great Plantain story, Tracey. Plantain is just amazing! I'm glad you son is OK.

Re: Plantain removes metal splinters from finger

Do you think plantain will work for glass that is stuck in a foot?

Re: Plantain removes metal splinters from finger

Thanks for telling us about your experience. Amazing what the plants we step on every day can do for us.