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Re: I ate Nettle this Spring---Did you?

Hi Shelly,

Yes, this spring one of my goals was to wildcraft some nettles and make spanikopita (Greek spinach pies) with it because 1) I wanted to get over being timid of these stinging things, 2) I knew nettles were good for you, and 3) I knew you can use nettles for spinach in any recipe calling for spinach. The surprise came when I found them growing in a very small waste strip between us and our neighbors (I had been planning on going to a co-worker's place to harvest hers). How I missed my own in the past is beyond me, but I suspect they only recently got there with the help of a bird (?)
Anyway, did I like them? They were a bit strong (probably needed to harvest them a little earlier, but I liked them. My husband really loved them, though - he thought I had just used spinach again because he hadn't seen me harvest them. It didn't bother him in the least when I told them what they were- he doesn't know much about plants anyway- all he knew was that they were "really good". I will definitely do it again next spring.

Re: I ate Nettle this Spring---Did you?

Great story Alise! I am amazed too at how once you show an interest in a plant it 'shows' up! I love it.