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This is a message board for the sole use of registered students of the Midwest School of Herbal Studies. As an MWSHS student, do you: Want to find a "study buddy"? Share an herbal healing experience? Ask other students how to make a certain herbal preparation or for their insight on the particulars of a difficult herbal-healing case that you are handling? Then, feel free to submit a post!

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I had a great time at todays Herb-workshop- always learning new things; Have to get some phillips 100 proof vodka to make my Boneset tincture next week; I was glad to finally finish the Asian Herbal course and hand it in; Just ordered the Integrative Herbalism course Module#3 and also Module#4 Thesis; All students who can attend the work-shops please do; your guaranteed a great Herbal experience; Look forward to the next Work-shop and also the Herb-walks