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Plants in their "winter clothes"

Before I became interested in herbs, I spent more time in photography and shot nature film all year round. I like to go through my older work now to see what plants I captured on film during the winter, looking now through the eyes of both a photographer and an herbalist- I see things even more richly now. When out walking all the many trails we have where we currently live, too, I see the plants not only as aesthetic items of beauty to capture on film, but now also more as mysteries being unraveled- hey, that's what motherwort looks like in "winter wear!" I think it's pretty exciting, especially when I remember going on trails early in my amateur herbalist days (and just when things were in bloom) wondering, "How am I ever going to learn the names of all these plants!" There is nothing like the colors of plants in full bloom in high summer, but plants with snow hats on or just shivering bare in the thin, cold breeze has a beauty all its own and it is fun recognizing plants you know when they look so different. I encourage everyone to learn to recognize just one plant in the wintertime. And if you do recognize some, which are your favorites?

Re: Plants in their "winter clothes"

Rumex crispus Curly dock , Goldenrod, Wild lettuce, rose hips, American barberry, I know the easy ones.

Those are around my suburban neighborhood.

Re: Plants in their "winter clothes"

Those are great. I especially love seeing the curly dock in winter.