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Cataracts in Dogs, Please. Help

I recently became a student at the Midwest School of Herbal Studies. I am so excited about my decision, and can't wait to embark upon this journey to learning the ins and outs of herbs:)

I am currently living in Santa Cruz, my question is in behalf of my Mother who lives in Missouri. In the tiny town where she lives there is no hollistic doctors for pets, nor for humans. She has a dog named Scooter (he is half miniature pinscher and pug) he is like her shadow, he follows her every where she goes. About three months ago she told me something was wrong with him, he was beginning to bump into things and acting confused. Within the end of the month he became completely blind, later to find that he had developed cataracts. My mother would never think about putting him down unless she felt it was nesessary, when she told me she was considering it I began looking for anything that I could on the internet. I came across a website that offered an organic supplement, with testiomonies saying this supplement could at times reverse the cataracts all together. With much haste I purchased it from Natual Wonders, she has not received it yet to try.

I am writing on this message board in hopes someone could help me. I am willing to do my part in researching, I just need some direction. We aren't asking for a miracle, just something that might calm him down, so he can return to being the Scooter that we know and love. He is so confused, frightened, and his personality has changed. I would be so very upset if my Mother made the decision to let him go, and later found something that could have helped him.

Thank you to my new family of students:)