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Herbs safe for children (particularly toddlers) and advice on a good naturopathic doctor

My 2yr old nephew has a degenerative disorder. We have not been able to find the root cause, although the timing indicates that it started after having had his immunizations followed by getting the flu and subsequent treatment with tamaflu. He had been developing normally to this point (about 8 months), but then stopped progressing (he could still sit up and roll around and play with toys, etc.). At 1 yr. he had a fever induced seizure and the doctor at the emergency room gave him what the doctors at children's hospital in St. Louis later called a "higher dose" of seizure medication than they have ever used prior to his being airlifted to aforementioned hospital. After this point, he began regressing. He has little to no muscle strength or control. He can no longer support his own head, roll over, or even hold his back straight under his own support.

He has been seeing a couple of naturopathic doctors and has been to 2 ranked children's hospitals, but none have come up with a diagnosis. I was looking for advice on a resource that would help me know which herbs are unsafe for children so that I can help advise my sister-in-law on what kinds of herbs she might use for my nephew. Is there something in the workbook that I have overlooked that discusses this topic? Also, if anyone has advice on a good practitioner for children (naturopathic or otherwise) that is at least open to herbal medicine usage.

We currently live in downstate IL and my brother and his family have mostly been going to texas for naturopathic treatment, so something in the midwest would be welcome.

Followup question that just occurred to me:

Is the answer to my safe for children question essentially that the herbs that are safe for adults is fine, so long as dosage is brought within acceptable parameters for his weight?

Re: Herbs safe for children (particularly toddlers) and advice on a good naturopathic doctor

Check out website, on neurodevelopmental concerns, is wholistic practice.

Re: Herbs safe for children (particularly toddlers) and advice on a good naturopathic doctor

Cannabis treats seizures and is safe to use with children. I would look up the research being done, it is literally giving people their lives back.