PlanWare - On-line Survey Number 3

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Be realistic/honest - use comparable-sized businesses within your primary market as your benchmark. RESPONSES ARE CONFIDENTIAL.

How many people does your business (or strategic business unit) currently employ? (Convert part-timers to full-time equivalents)
None (Do not answer further questions - skip down to see results to date)
1 person (either part- or full-time)
2-5 full-time equivalents
6-9 full-time equivalents
10-25 full-time equivalents
26-50 full-time equivalents
51-100 full-time equivalents
101-250 full-time equivalents
251-1000 full-time equivalents
Over 1000 full-time equivalents

What is your business's primary location?
North America
Central America
South America
Western Europe
Central/Eastern Europe
Middle East
Far East
Australia/ New Zealand

In what sector is your business mainly engaged?
Retail distribution
Other distribution
IT and/or Internet
Professional services
Financial services
Other services
None of above

How would you rate medium-term prospects of your business relative to your market sector?
Should achieve exceptional growth which is well ahead of expectations for the sector
Should achieve growth which is moderately ahead of expectations for the sector
Should develop in line with the sector
Likely to under perform against the sector
Very poor prospects/ potential
No views on this question

How would you rate your business's financial condition?
Has surplus funds and/or good access to additional capital
Has reasonable cash flows and/or could make strong case for more finance
Cash flow is tight but chances of raising additional finance are reasonable
Struggling to maintain positive cash flow and prospects of getting additional finance are poor
Financial condition is critical/ terminal
No views on this question

How would you characterize your management team relative to your business's size/ potential?
Exceptional experience, expertise and depth
Bit stretched but adequate coverage
Just about coping with some gaps
Weak with some serious short falls
Very poor and inadequate
No views on this question

How would you rate your product/service offerings in terms of price, quality, features and benefits?
Very superior to most competitors
Superior to some competitors
In line with the competition
Inferior to some competitors
Very inferior to most competitors
No views on this question

How strong/effective is the marketing function/ thinking within your business?
Marketing plays a leading role in the business's overall development
Marketing is an important part of the sales function
Marketing is weak and has very limited role/ influence
Marketing function does not really exist
No views on this question

How would you describe the efficiency/ cost competitiveness of your business's operations?
Better than most competitors
Better than some competitors
In line with competition
Worse than some competitors
Worse than most competitors
No views on this question

For the current year, how profitable is your business in terms of the profit expressed as a percentage of capital employed (or total assets)?
Very profitable (e.g. annual return above 25%)
Moderately profitable (e.g. annual return in range 10% - 25%)
Limited profitability (e.g. annual return below 10%)
Break even
Loss making
Not-for-profit organization
No view on this question

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