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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Danger for Christians in GLO's- Alpha and a Ouija Board

"God makes being a Christian a really straightforward
thing. So with Ouija boards you are 100% right! I see nothing wrong with putting your hands on a little piece of plastic and asking it a question. It’s a game. Ask Parker Brothers. Now if you in fact truly
sought guidance form a Ouija board or relied on it for some sort of spiritual purpose then that is certainly not going to be okay in the eyes of God."

Proverbs 22:6
What matters most to this guy is how much freedom can one enjoy without consequences. This is sad in light of all the scriptures on holiness. This is sad seeing that a child's soul is the utmost concern. As a Christian, is this the kind of guy you want as a frat brother, let alone a Christian brother? With this statement alone, would you allow your child under his care? This is the very same attitude that has brought us to the level of debauchery in this country that exists today. Are we not becoming a modern day Corinth?

This member must also think it's okay to teach a a male child to put a condom on his private part as long as he doesn't actually have sex, right? These are the dangers believers, especially those new in the faith run into, but the reason why it's dangerous in GLO's is the closed environment. There is no restraint on what one believes, so feel free to proselytize your beliefs no matter what they are, there is no absolute truth.

So the Muslim Alpha is free to promote his religion. This is not so in the church. A church can tell a church attending muslim that he cannot proselytize his religion on church grounds. In a GLO that claims to be founded upon Christian Principles, not so. You have no rules by which to live your personal/public life. You can be a raging fornicator, liar, adulterer, etc. There are very few moral rules that apply to Greek life.

So this is why