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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Justifying Pledging/Hazing

I know greeks on certain levels; coworkers, facebook friends, message boards, personal phone conversations, etc.

Well, I was listening to someone discuss how their pledge process helped them through certain things, and if it had not been for that, they probably would not have been able to get through the things they did. As I was listening though, I heard the same old crap I hear fropm people who profess to be saved and are greek. This person was talking about how a guy was crying when a Big Brother was getting on his case. He pulled the guy aside and gave him that same foolish line; hey man this might not be for you.... Yep! And you may have just lost one of the greatest assets to your organization. One would think that after having to pledge almost 12 months, due to someone else doing the right thing of reporting the pledging that it would be time for this madness to stop. Instead, it's the exact opposite.

Now all the while, this person is explaining how they almost got suspended, BUT how the Big Brothers, the ones who are supposed to be teaching them life lessons, LIED to the Dean of the school's face about hazing allegations. This is someone who professes to be saved talking to me, but I said nothing, why? The guilty look, speech, conscience was all I needed to see.

So I will say now as I always have, pledging/hazing is evil, wrong, ungodly, no matter what results it produces. I strongly believe that although something may produce some good bad things, there are yet hidden evil fruit within (i.e. If the world, carnal Christians, etc. would listen now, and in times past), alot of the mess we see today within the church would not be occurring. When the church does not take a stand, it ceases to be what it is called to be, ekklesia (a calling out), the body of believers.

Now most greeks will tell you that they would never do it over. That should tell them and anyone else that the process is no good. Now look at what I said above, how the apparent fruit of pledging is good, yet in one statement, one is admitting that it's not really worth it. The question is why?