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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Roger Goodell and his DOUBLE STANDARD

To allow hazing to be consider a time honored tradition in the NFL, to go unanswered by Roger Goodell, makes him a real fork-tongued sissy. He wants to suspend players for their behavior off the field, well why not include hazing of NFL rookies. IS he a Frat Boy himself? I haven't found any evidence to suggest it. I can't find any quotes from him on ROOKIE HAZING. I am not questioning Goodell's suspensions of other players. I am questioning his lack of leadership in an area where grown men can enforce their will on other grown men. If a man steals another man's credit card and uses it, ISN'T THAT STEALING ROGER? Shouldn't that player be punished Roger? If a man funds an illegal dog fighting ring, he has committed a crime; stealing is a crime.

One simple word could come from him, if you haze, you're out two games, and no pre-season. Your other punishment will be to carry all the equipment off the field after practice. Refusal to comply will be ONE GAME per practice you do not perform this duty.