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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Abortion is no longer a HOT BUTTON ISSUE. Why?

There is one simple answer why this is no longer a hot button issue. It is because Christians have grown so cold in America. When poeple, especially believers who are pro-choice or pro-life, who can sit there and say that abortion is a hot button issue, let's look at the real agendas have a serious problem. It is no different than over looking murder. It is actually even worse than Germany, who were killing its own citizens before the Jews. Whenever I here Christians call abortion a hot button issue, they are no better than the unbeliever or "pro-choice" Christian, who neve seems to mention THE UNBORN CHILD when talking about abortion. Why not? Is it because society has dumber down the CHURCH and unbelievers so far that now even the "EVANGELICAL" Christians are using the same tactics to avoid discussion on the issue when it is not spiritually related (i.e. is it only a hot button issue during election year)?

And this is the problem, the WORLD has deceived THE BELIEVER IN CHRIST JESUS, as seeing abortion issue as an election sidebar and not as a personal and human being issue.

I have heard Christians so casually call abortion a hot button issue. To this I say, Hold up a minute!!!! Did you hear what you just said? You said that the KILLING OF AN UNBORN CHILD is just a political ploy to garnering votes or garnering people to vote. To this I say, my sick brother or sister in the Lord, you may need to check yourself. The world/satan has just mastered over you in another one of his tricks.

It's not what you personally feel that people see, it's your words and actions. In church, you say one thing, outside, no one knows who you are.

Re: Abortion is no longer a HOT BUTTON ISSUE. Why?

Because no one wants to deal with the reality of this horrific deed.The black race has suffered mightily because of it as Planned Parenthood is in almost every neighborhood.Our so called leaders are on board with this so called choice because they are evil and want the votes or financial support.Because I am a man I am told that I can never understand what a woman goes through but I reply because we are alive we can never understand what an aborted fetus goes through.