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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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The Constitution TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT is Dangerous (i.e. Separation of Church and State)

Original Intent and The Free Exercise of Religion1
By Joseph A. Zavaletta, Jr., Esq.
Copyright 1997

"The purpose of this essay is to provide the reader with a summary of an alternate jurisprudence "model" to better understand and analyze the nature and sources of our rights and liberties found in the United States Constitution. The primary tenets of this jurisprudence model are: first, that natural law as referenced in the Declaration is the primary legal foundation of American constitutional law, rights and liberties; and second, as a corollary, that "original intent" is a more accurate basis for interpreting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As an example, the model will be applied to the First Amendment's guarantee to the free exercise of religion."

Original Intent

The link above is the complete explanation of the above introduction. Why is this so important when it comes to separation of church and state? Please watch the following video.

O'Donnell-Coons Debate at Widener Law School

Where the Sepraration of church and state (SOCAS) is touted by a political candidate. The other candidate challenges the assertion and is laughed at by LAW SCHOOL students. The SOCAS is an asserted belief from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote. Well guess what everyone. The letter was written OVER A DECADE after the first amendment was PASSED, by Jefferson, while in a foreign country, who had nothing to do with the writing of the amendment.

The First Amendment is a Restriction Placed on the Government, NOT THE PEOPLE