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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Alpha Scholars Alliance Ritual

The Alpha Scholars is a HIGH SCHOOL Auxiliary of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. I find it rather sick and disgusting that they take their tactics to the HIGH SCHOOL level. Here is what they do, then say about the pledge process in their ritual.

"Pledges now lock up shoulder to shoulder. Now starts the snatching. Dissemble the line by force, start with snatching one of the pledges or tripping all of the pledges up.

Pledges are led to a dark room all pledges are now locked up. We are also chanting the work song. All of the bruh's come into this small room and start pushing the line and trying to break it by any means necessary."

"We are led to another room and they explain to us that sometimes you have to treat Black people really bad to get them to understand things. We are told that none of the pledging was personal; it only teaches us how to be humble."

This is sad. Real sad!!!!!!!!!!!