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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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False Identity in Greekdom!

I personally believe that the reason why the majority of people decide to join GLO's is because they want to identify with something. They see the jackets, they hear the calls, they see the hand signs, they see the colors and they automatically think wow "There a somebody". False. Your truly a "somebody" when you have your identity in Christ. Once you've found that and truly grasp an understanding of that you, won't feel the need to live up to the name of a GLO. You'll know you've found your true identity in Christ because you wouldn't need to join an organization to feel some kind of self worth. You are already made worthy through Jesus Christ. And lets be real, why do you even want to join one of these organizations if its questionable whether its against the will of God?? If your hearts desire is to truly love the Lord and live for Him then why would you want to risk that over a selfish need to feel included by some earthly organization? ..I know some of you are saying well..."I just want to be apart of it cause they do service, their people of character, etc" can do all of that without being apart of one of these GLO's. And one more thing...if you still feel the urge to join a GLO please pray about it and honestly and truely LISTENnnnnnnnnn to what God is saying. Soooo many times I have heard, "God wants me to do this because He wants me to turn the entire organization around and be an example" now in some cases the Lord may do that but the vast't think so. For example,One of my friends said the same thing. That he 'thought' God wanted him to pledge a particular fraternity in order to try and be an example for the chapter. He talked to his pastor about pledging and his pastor gave him alot of information about GLO's and how its not the best thing to do if your trying to continue to pursue your walk with Christ. And what did he end up doing....went behind his pastors back and pledged anyway. Now lets be honest...does that make any sense?? If you were looking for confirmation whether or not pledge and your pastor said no and you secretly did it anyway behind his back..does that sound like it was in the will of God? And now that he's apart of the fraternity I've found that he's mostly adapted most of the characteristics of his bruhsand has backslid in his walk with God. So think wisely but most of all pray, pray, pray, pray, and pray more about it! And make sure your hearing Gods voice and not the desires of your flesh.