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Re: I Believe the AKA's Were Lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sigma Chapter was suspended in 2000, I remember because I was going to be on the spring 1999 line of the Sigma chapter. I found out later that this chapter did some major hazing with that line. Which is why the chapter was suspended. This chapter covered three different schools and they were Mount St. Mary's College, Pepperdine University, Loyola University, NOT Cal state Los Angeles, which involved the two young ladies that drowned.

Accusations of hazing surfaced almost immediately, but were never proven.

"I've had an easier time infiltrating street gangs than penetrating this organization," Freeman, a former cop, told me not long after the young women died, a few months into his investigation for the family.

Alpha Kappa Alpha leaders said from the start that the group had no role in the deaths. The sorority's chapter at Cal State L.A. had been suspended for hazing, so the pledging process was unsanctioned."

This school has no individual chapter name does it? Therefore, the school may have been suspended from intake processes, but not the whole Sigma Chapter.

AKA's were suspended in 2004 from this chapter. When did it become active again. The deaths occurred in 2002, but some girls were suspended in 2004. Doesn't pass the smell test!!!!!!!!

Re: I Believe the AKA's Were Lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes they were lying.

Re: I Believe the AKA's Were Lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This chapter was suspended in 2000 due to the hazing that happen with the spring 1999 line. There was never a Sigma chapter with Cal state LA, The sigma chapter ONLY covered 3 private colleges. There is no way the sigma chapter was at CAL state LA