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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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The Calls Keep Coming

Just as many will make the mistake of allowing themselves to be pledged/hazed/changed, etc. to be a THIS or THAT, many still are calling in to announce their separation from their organizations. I will keep thanking God for believers that come out from among these unclean organizations.

Re: The Calls Keep Coming

A call becomes a testimony!!!!!!!!

Up until I came upon the website/blog, (Don’t Go Greek), I thought I wanted to become a part of the alumnae chapter of DST. Out of the many people that I know who are a part of one of the BGLO’s, I found one person who told me the truth about it; she is an AKA. She hasn’t denounced her letters but she told me that it really isn’t about the sisterhood and brotherhood that they say they are about. She doesn’t participate in any of their events/meetings. I really appreciate everything that you have written on this website. It has truly helped me in my decision making because you have said things that no one who is active will state about their GLO.

To me it is a secret organization because they are not allowed to show anyone who is not a member of their specific GLO what is in those binders or handbooks that they receive. The person who said that everything you need to know can be found on the internet is a lie. What goes on behind closed doors are not revealed to those who are not a part of that organization. I would like one of them to give me the website to find out EVERYTHING I want to know. I was helping my friend move and came across a bag she had that was filled with all of her DST binders and books and I could not even touch the bag let alone the binders and books.

It’s interesting how they are supposed to be all about the community and serving and helping those in need but I have never seen them rally together and protest to really help those in need. When African Americans (AA) are being prosecuted, I have never seen or heard on the news that BGLO’s got together and protested about the unfair treatment of AA in the courts. I have never seen them in the background of a news report holding picket signs and rallying for equal rights of all. Talk is really cheap. If they are so well known to help within the community, why aren’t people flocking to them for assistance.

Another thing I don’t understand is that they behave as if they own the colors and letters of that organization and they are the only ones who can make those sounds they make. I was told that when you attend that initial meeting to show interest, you cannot wear that BGLO’s colors or any other BGLO’s colors and you can’t make those sounds that they make. Why does it have to be that way?

I agree with what you are doing. People are becoming defensive of what you are saying because it is the truth. Satan gets mad when he realizes that people are no longer blinded by the deception of these organizations. God is love and He doesn’t treat me like the dirt we walk on to show His love to me. I am not paying anyone or anything an amount of money yearly to like me or accept me.

I am no longer interested in being a part of a BGLO…

Re: The Calls Keep Coming

Love this blog! This is a great post and she is 100% telling the truth! I am an Ex-Greek myself (former AKA) and I can agree with everything she says….from experience. The Holy Spirit convicted me boldly about being in my sorority after I made a true commitment and dedication to reading and studying my Word and focusing on seeking a greater relationship with Him without distraction. This yearning to grow closer and stronger in my relationship with Christ, originally, had nothing to do with my membership in a sorority. However, after being immersed daily in the Truth of God’s Word, it exposed any errors or deceptions in my life which lead to a strong conviction about AKA and all greek life. God is not pleased with these organizations and please do not believe the lie about them being based on Christian principles or that the organizations are “non-hazing” organizations. If you are a current member of these organizations and a professed Christian, seriously take time out to pray and ask God about these organizations. See if their actions and deeds line up with the Word of God. If you honestly seek God’s Truth regarding this and are prepared to be obedient, He’ll reveal it to you.

Be Blessed Everyone!

Re: The Calls Keep Coming

Got an interesting call from a former member of XYZ organization. I asked if anyone who hazed them were people who professed the Christian faith. Yes!

This is all too common among members of GLO's. Those who profess to be of the Christian faith, who are also CHRISTIAN HAZERS. Sick and Sad!!!!!!!!!!

Re: The Calls Keep Coming

Are you sick and sad at yourself since you too engaged in such behavior UN-Christianlike behavior?

Re: The Calls Keep Coming

Are you sick and sad at yourself since you too engaged in such behavior UN-Christianlike behavior?

Not any more Mike, although I regret those actions, I have repented for them to the point of even contacting those who I hazed. So as far as STILL feeling sick and sad, no I do not. I have been set free.