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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Re: Min H....Here We Go Again....

Min H,

Just about everything you talk about on this forum is showcased in this recent Houston Press article. Would love to hear your thoughts.

I am none surprised. I was down there twice to speak on this issue. Evidently, many were not listening, or didn't want to hear it.

Re: Min H....Here We Go Again....

My response to others that left comments.

I am not a que...... anymore. I read all this bull about what I would and wouldn't take. Truth of the matter is that you do not know what may or may not happen. It's good to have that attitude, but why even allow anything at all. This whole pledging is straight immoral, foolish, and quite stupid. People want to use this free-will tag, but how many truly understand the psychological dynamics involved? Everyone has ideas, but no one wants to do the ultimate thing to end all of this foolishness and that's open membership. I already know the response to that, but the question must be asked, what is it that makes 99.99999999 if not 100% of Greeks oppose it? Why no open membership? You have organizations that have been around just as long without the pledging requirement.

A word to the father about what he learned as a pledge. How to acquiesce? He watched his LB's if he had any get beat down. What do pledges do when they see this happen. They go and take wood for him, instead of protecting him.