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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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I Understand Now

I was once an avid aspirant of AKA, but it seemed as if everytime I had the opportunity to join I wasn't able to. I'm also a believer in Jesus Christ. At the time I was just ignorant and unaware of the spiritual ramifications of joining a greek organization. When I was told to "do my research" I looked at the information given by the sorority only. That's all I knew to do. When sorority members said that "if it's not made public you don't need to know", I didn't question it. I naively believed what was told to me. My best friend is a Delta (who has been led for 4 years to denounce, but is afraid of the backlash she might receive). When I finally had the chance to pledge in 2010, I told her my decision. She was very unsupportive and told me NOT to do it. She said that it wasn't what it appeared to be and told me what she went through during her pledge process. I heard her but I didn't listen. I chalked it up as HER experience, but it wouldn't be that way for me. I believed the "we don't haze" stuff that the orgs were saying. She of course said that's a lie.

While "doing my research", I came across a Youtube video of a former SGRho member that exposed the ills of greek life. I was shocked!! I had no clue about what it was all about. I started seeking more information like what I had seen (I also looked at and was overwhelmed with everything I saw and heard. In my heart of hearts, my spirit bore witness that all of that information was true. It made sense to me why I never pledged, the Lord was sparing me from one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Apart from all of that info, once an AKA friend of mine learned of my interest, strange things started happening. She started appearing places I didn't expect her to be. She told other chapter members of my interest and they started making requests of me that I thought were inappropriate. There was nothing classy about these women. If anything I thought that I was too good for THEM!!

I think back to a good friend of mine that pledged AKA. Her and I were very close before she joined, but slowly she began to change afterwards. She became more withdrawn, began sleeping around (even had an abortion against my advice), and started being very mean to me. Eventually she stopped answering my calls and we lost touch. We haven't spoken in about 4 or 5 years. I miss her sometimes, but by the time we lost touch she was nothing like the person I met. I've heard it said before that when people go greek they change. Now, knowing the spiritual connections, I can see why that would happen. To anyone reading these dialouges, I think it's important to understand that the enemy can come in many disguises. By pledging your devotion and reverencing anything other than the Lord, you're really violating the first commandment. Even if you don't think that your organization is before him, He doesn't want anything beside Him. The Lord is God all by Himself. He is the only one that should have your whole heart. God bless!