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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Re: Are BGLO's Compatible With "Biblical" Christianity?

Hi Fred (and readers),

I recently read your response to someone who asked basically if it's OK to follow and listen to people they deem as "spiritual leaders" that are greek.

And essentially you said that if their "spiritual leaders" are very active then that's a problem and to abhor them. But if they're greek and are not active or not that active, then it's fine.

And that bothered me because the latter is misleading and not true. That's like a married man telling a woman he's interested in he's single since he doesn't have any romantic relations with his wife anymore and they just simply co-exist. No sir! HE IS STILL MARRIED AND HAS A CONVENANT WITH HIS WIFE. SO WHETHER HE IS ACTIVELY INVOLVED WITH HER OR NOT DOESN'T MATTER, HIS CONVENANT IS STILL IN TACK LEGALLY AND SPIRITUALLY SINCE SHE'S ALIVE. And this principles applies to "spiritual leaders" who are greek, their active status doesn't matter ... if they haven't formally broken fully their convenant with their affiliations (greek, mason, etc) and don't speak ill against them .... FLEE, they're contaiminated! It is a sign from God to stay away, He is constantly sending signs to His people so we make wise decisions.

It's a simple truth, I can't complicate this if I tried, we need to remember there's a wonderful simplicity in Christ. And by the way, the only "spiritual leader" on this Earth biblically validated to guide us that we need to exalt and seek is the Holy Spirit, which is a wonderful gift from Christ and it's free ... no tithe paying or some other unblibical financial extortation (I mean offerings) needed.

Re: Are BGLO's Compatible With "Biblical" Christianity?

I don't ever remember saying it's fine. Can you quote me on that so I can defend or not defend it?