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Re: What to ask at an interest meeting II?

I found them!!!!!!!!!! Some of the questions or themes may repeat themselves, but there are some great things to learn from these questions.

These questions have finally been employed at a meet the Greeks seesion. It proved very successful.

Word of advice: As a Christian, one should never go alone to an interest meeting. Always have another, if not 2 or 3 others with you. In point #7 & #8 , the person who asks about suspensions and hazing should not be the one to ask the question in private about pledging.

What to ask at an interest meeting?

If you are a Christian seriously contemplating greek life, then let's see if you are willing to ask the tough questions. Questions that people will warn you NOT to ask for fear of rejection. I am a former member of a Greek Organization. They are going to tell you how stupid these questions are and never to ask them.

This is a NEW ERA when the Christian needs to investigate anything they partake in, including GLO's. They have gotten a MORAL PASS for decades; no one questioning their claim of being founded upon Christian Principles. Their ELITIST membership and attitudes have gone unchecked for several decades. Their ELITIST and INTIMIDATING presence must be combatted and confronted by those willing to shine light in the darkness.

Who are you going to allow to control your free will, God or a GLO (People)?

1.) Is the ritual for public reading for people interested in membership?

Some may answer that they can be found at the Library of Congress. (Ask them for Title, and Call Number). If their rituals are there, they are not under the GLO's Name. I went there and stayed for hours. I had a man (for a month) and a lady on the inside helping me. He found NOTHING. If they give you this answer, ask to see it by appointment some time.

2.) Do any of your teachings, rituals, etc. deny, reject or in any way conflict with the Word of God?
If not, PROVE it?
If so, what are they? DO NOT EXPECT AN ANSWER

3.) What kind of immoral (not political) issues are being confronted by your GLO?
Examples: Homosexuality, Abortion, Fornication, etc.

4.) What has your GLO done to EXALT the kingdom of God on this campus?
Keep in mind what they are doing to EXALT the kingdom of Satan as well. This is not hard to see.

5.) Are all chapter members saved?

6.) What false gods does your GLO associate (NOT WORSHIP) itself with? If they answer with the, "we do not worship", you know somethings up.

7.) Has this chapter ever been suspended for illegal hazing activities?

8.) Does this chapter engage in any illegal hazing practices?
The Christian that asks this question should later go in PRIVATE and ask, "If I want my respect, is this a chapter I can get it at?

9.) What National Programs does your organization have that Exalts the Kingdom of God?

These next 3 questions will really mess them up.

10.) What can you organization do for me?

11.) What are the Christian principles that you all claim to be founded upon and engage in that I could not do in the church or other organizations?

12.) What is it about your organization then, which makes you different from other organizations like the Salvation Army, NAACP, etc.

13.) How are members who do not pledge (the law abiding and rule following members) treated by those who decide to ILLEGALLY join?

411 interjects- The criminals treat the law abiders as if they committed a crime against the GLO (i.e. You have real criminals to the law and GLO, treating their brothers/sorors like enemies of the GLO). Sad but VERY true!

14.) Do you have any gods associated with your organization?

15.) Where do the deceased members of your organization go when they die?

16.) Do you all have moral rules, laws, and standards that govern the organization and its members, including the behavior of members?

17.) What is the Moral Basis of those Standards?

18.) Why do Greeks use Character assassination, based on unverifiable information to attack anyone that opposes them.

EXAMPLE- Present the copy and pasted attack, "Who is Fred Hatchett", from OO at the interest meeting. Please do not forget to add the proper copyright information that stophazing requires.

19.) Why are so many people in your organization void of integrity when they LIE and says there is no pledge process, and then haze?

Note: This places the members, ESPECIALLY the Christians, in a situation. Does this person already KNOW we haze, and if we do, how do we keep him or her, a duly qualified candidate from finding out? This is too much for their narrow minds. Check the reaction!!!!!!

New Question is #20- Numbers 19 & 20 are probably interchangeable. Either way, if they do haze, you will find out whether they accept you on line or not.

20.) When they say that XXX organization is not a hazing organization, you ask:

What about this chapter? Are we going to be approached in secret later to see if we want to pledge or not?

ALL Christians- These are all pertinent questions that you need to ask.

These are just some of the questions that can be asked. I and anyone else, please add on.

What to watch for? ATTITUDE! This is the main thing to look for when asking all of these questions.

Minister Fred Hatchett- 919/278-8911 (Anytime-Greek or Aspirant, Saved or Sinner)