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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Hello Brothers and Sisters in the world and in Christ that use to chart with me on my Official face-book Page. Out of my busy times in the ministry i took this time to tell everyone to please be aware of fake profile claiming to be me on face-book as i just shut down my face-book profile and also ask my agents to shut there down also..Do not accept any friend request or add anybody clamming to me on face-book again, As am no longer the social network.

I will tell everyone about myself as I Prophet Brian Carn was born September 11th, in Jacksonville Florida and raised in the admonition of the Lord. Like you all know i received the Lord in my life (salvation) at the early age of eight and began to grow spiritually, while receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.

At the age of twelve, I began ministering the Word of God and conducted his first three day revival. I Prophet Carn became tired of “church as usual”, so i began to seek the Lord with sincere fasting and praying. While on the eighty-eight day fast, I attended a Benny Hinn Crusade in Florida where i was called out. Pastor Hinn prophesied to me that i would walk in the same kind of anointing that the Lord had placed on his life, but “DOUBLE”.

Much persecution has come against me because of the stand that i has taken for the things of the Kingdom of God. But when God calls you, He also equips you; so i put on the armor of God and prepared for battle. As i remember that the lord God almighty book which is the holy bible told that i swear step on serpents and scorpion and shall give me victory.

In October 2006, God sent me to the State of Virginia to preach a Sunday morning service. The anointing was so powerful, I was invited back for a three night revival. When I returned, God turned three nights into a ten week “Move of GOD!” People with cancers were healed and blinded eyes were made to see! The deaf began to actually hear (naturally & spiritually)! Stammering tongues were loosened through the power of God! Last but definitely not least, many souls were saved and delivered and filled with the presence of the Holy Ghost. It was standing room only!

Many of you that has come to my programs and crusade will know that i am truly a Prophet sent from God. I has ministered all over the country, including Memphis, Tennessee at the C.O.G.I.C. 100th Year Celebration.

In January 2008, in Saginaw Michigan, I ministered at a church that normally seats 1500. Due to the moving of the Holy Ghost, more than 2800 people filled the sanctuary. There were people standing from the front door to the balcony, filling aisles and flowing out the doors. Don’t judge me by my age or stature, yet by the way that God moves through me.

I took this time out of my life to place this article on the internet because of too many fake profile of me on face-book, I am not happy because i am lacking behind on what God almighty has asked me to come and do in this world as my main calling was to preach, heal and provide for the needy and orphans, restore broken homes, break any form of attack in anyone's life and help all that are into any problem in life. I can not carryout this mission alone, As i am dropping my personal email which is . As you should not forget that the bible say blessed is the hand that give than the one that take.

With the anointing of God in me, I can change your entire life with the power of God IN JUST ONE WEEK as you join me provide for the needy and orphans, restore broken homes, break any form of attack in anyone's life and help all that are into any problem in life. { HEAL THE SICK, THE DEAF HEAR, THE DUMB SPEAK, THE LAME WALK AND THE POOR RICH} Please if you are not a sound christian, Come with to the lord and shall give you rest and peace in all you do.
Prophet Brian Carn Ministries
My Private email: Note to all that i am no longer on face-book. Add me up or chart with me with that same email on yahoo messenger as that is the only social network i am for the now.