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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Sigma Alpha Iota

Hi. I had a question about an organization I am apart of. I found out the god of the organization is Pan. Can you tell me if this would be harmful toward my Christianity and covenant with Jesus......or should I just receive it as Greek mythology, symbolism. We do rituals and the name Pan is brought up in rituals. We are in dark rooms late at night, standing in position with candles, ritual attire before the Dean of pledges, President, and sisterhood. We do quote bible verses and tell the story of Pan in the ritual. Based on my research I know that there were ancient cults that practiced Pan worship. I have no way of retrieving the ritual book to help you, but I need help in understanding how or if this could hurt my relationship with Christ because we do serve our community, music department. There are Christians in the organization. Do they all live right? Well no. But for the sake of this music organization, am I under the covenant of another god?

Thank you for you help.

Re: Sigma Alpha Iota


If possible, would you be able to send the ritual or at least good contextual excerpts of the passages about pan and the initiation pledge.