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Sigma Kappa

I am curious as to what you know about Sigma Kappa. I joined SK in college, and I don't remember anything in the secrets/ritual that pertained to anything like idolotry. Just curious. Thanks in advance for your response.

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Re: Sigma Kappa

I have the book called the Promise. There are many staements made in it that are alarming. Especially the one where they honor a woman named Sarah Weddington. Thanks to her and some other greeks we now have 40 million babies murdered. And Sigma Kappa honors her. Who in Sigma Kappa is going to be in outrage over this? If I ever get the ritual, I will surely find something. I know a girl who spoke of a rebirth ritual that occurs. She found out about this before she joined. If you are born again and seriously considering denouncing and have the ritual, I would like a copy to examine. If you are not born again, I beseech that you go to the page that asks the question, Are you saved?

Be Blessed!!!!!

Re: Re: Sigma Kappa

Thanks for your reply. I am a born again believer in Christ Jesus. This is why I am searching on this topic. It is important to me to be right with God, including in the affiliation with a group that I am not currently active with. I have never truly felt peace about how I feel about being involved in a sorority, for a variety of reasons. One now is because I don't know if it's consistent with my salvation in Christ.
However, on a purely objective note, I NEVER remember going through a "rebirth" ceremony. I've been struggling to remember (as it's been 8+ years ago since I participated) anything that, as a now Sanctified believer, I think would be objectional to God. I can't think of anything off the top of my head. I am not in posession of the ritual either. As I recall, that was held by the executive officers of the chapter only, and no one had any individual copies of it. If you do get any info on it, I would love to see it though, as viewing it from my born again perspective might shed some new light on the information. I can promise you one thing-- if I determine it to be in any way inconsistant with serving God, I will IMMEDIATELY disaffiliate!
God's blessing on your efforts to serve Him!

Re: Re: Sigma Kappa

On another note, I went to the National Sigma Kappa Website, and they also honor Sarah Weddington as a Significant Sigma Kappa. So she is a member too...they say that the Significant Sigma Kappas have "made the world a better place" and they are "proud" of them. This makes me extremely sad. I feel misled and disappointed. I don't believe any organization that claims to espouse integrity and moral beliefs should be proud of the person who argued to institute legalized abortion...I don't know why I am still on the fence but I am thinking about disavowing now.

Re: Re: Re: Sigma Kappa


One thing that must be considered is unequal yoking. I Corinthians 15:33 is also another scripture that clearly applies to one's relationships with those in GLO's.

"As I recall, that was held by the executive officers of the chapter only, and no one had any individual copies of it."
Could you imagine only leaders in the church having Bibles, and not the members? Do you not have a right to read your own ritual? Is it not just as much yours as theirs? It's funny how sisterhood has its limitations. Where's the trust? I think you see what I mean. If I can ever get my hands on a ritual, belive me, you will be informed.
There are so many inconsistencies between the ways of God as opposed to GLO's. Do you have the book of the Promise? It reveals so much of the beliefs of Sigma Kappa. The ritual is not a necessity to show that a GLO is ungodly. The fact that they allow sinners to join renders them ungodly right there. They have no standard of holiness or as you stated about your life, "sanctification". The covenant you formed with all SK's is a serious one.

I strongly suggest you get your hands on a ritual. If you are still a member, what rights do you really have?

Minister Hatchett

Re: Re: Re: Sigma Kappa

When you decide to disavow, I would like for you to call me. I would like for you to call me anyway. What I can explain to you over the phone would take pages by writing. I will pray for you. Remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers (Satanic forces). When you climb a fence, two things can happen. We land safely on the other side and keep going, but sometimes people trip and land hard. They must get up and dust themselves off. Leaving the sorority will be a fight as it is right now. You will have to shake the devil off and move on. Straddling a fence never lasts long. The body tires and a decision must be made to go on either side. Either you are for Him and against Satan, or against Him and for Satan. I see your heart in your words, but you must put your heart into action. The strings of your heart(your emotions) are being pulled on. Believe me, I know the struggle. I know the excuses made in the mind to remain a member. The constant justifications I had to make just to avoid the convicting voice of God. You may cry a little, get angry at the devil and yourself, but God will never leave you nor forsake you. Minister Hatchett knows the battle you are going through, and believe me, the victory is oh so sweet. You are the "beloved" of God. I can tell you that these organizations were not formed for "our" good or for us. Here is what a young lady who was going to join wrote me,
Subj: When Spirits Don't Agree
Date: 2/25/02 4:42:25 PM Eastern Standard Time

Minister Hatchett,

"I am sure that I may not get a response in time, but it's worth a shot. Tomorrow evening, I am to be initiated into a sorority at a Texas University. I have many questions, uncertainties, and doubts concerning sorority ideology and symbolism. I am currently searching for the truth. (She did not get initiated.) She said that a coffin is used in their ritual with the mention of rebirth."

This young lady was reached in time. She sought God for an answer, not me, and God answered her through me. She never joined Sigma Kappa. We did talk on the phone for about an hour. She was just a little girl to me seeing I was about twice her age. But the anointing of God was on her life, and that's what made the difference.

Minister Hatchett

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