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Ministry Updates

This post is specifically for posts related to this ministry. Anything that is irrelevant will not be deleted but moved to a forum topic. The next update will be Thursday September 11, 2003.

Re: Ministry Updates

Forgive me for me being late. I want to let those know who are in agreement with this ministry that it is time to organize and get together. When I decide to have a conference, the ritual and paraphernalia public and televised burnings, or even an internet posting blitz, I want as many people as possible to participate. One can put a thousand to flight and two can put ten-thousand. Send me any and all paraphernalia, so I can hold it until the barnfire.

Let Jesus Be Glorified

Re: Re: Ministry Updates/Very Important

This update is important for your witnessing in general and specifically to greeks. One who is a believer must understand that, like Jesus, we are going to be *****cuted because of the TRUTH. So when the religious crowd did things to Jesus, they will do them to us as well. Trying to catch us in hypocrisy of words over any issue or anything to help serve their (those who disagree with exposing greeks) purpose. Here is the scripture from Luke 11:

53 And as he said these things unto them, the scribes and the Pharisees began to urge him vehemently, and to provoke him to speak of many things:
54 Laying wait for him, and seeking to catch something out of his mouth, that they might accuse him.

This is why I do not mess with questions about the pledge of allegiance, oaths in court, boy scouts, school songs, etc. All these people are trying to do is to catch you in some kind of hypocrisy over your words. I have already been told and have seen my words copy and pasted somewhere. People store this stuff up HOPING I will stumble over my words, contradict myself in any way. They are hoping you and I will do this here. We have to recognize when it's being done and to ignore all excuses. I have learned over the years that satisfying an unbeliever or religious person with the obvious truth is impossible when they are not wanting to see it.
Remember that we are not normal people in the world's view. There are some things that we will do or not do that may seem stupid to them, but is perfectly reasonable to us. We do not need to entangle ourselves in words with a "RELIGIOUS" crowd or "UNBELIEVERS". We can expect ignorance from unbelievers, but not from a professing Christian with an unwillingness to see obvious truth before them.

ALL RESPOPNSES in disagreement with this need to be posted under another form subject. If not, I will DELETE them.


Re: Re: Re: Ministry Updates/Very Important

Romans 12:1-2/Colossians 1:9-11/I Thessalonians 2:4
Topic: Is what you are doing pleasing God and how it relates to GLOs?

This post is for believers, CLERGY, soon to be believers(i.e. sinners about to repent), and stone-cold, don't want to be saved sinners. The Kingdom of Heaven is suffering from an invasion of little lies and subtle deceit. We are starting to believe everything we here as truth and speaking it as if it is truth, without standing it up to the test of truth which is the Word of God. People in GLO's, as one can see from this board, are using opinions, hearsay, and even man to justify their membership. Where are the lies and deceit coming from? Misinformation from sources such as TV, radio, clergy, sinners, and already misinformed believers. We must seek to please God in every aspect of our lives.

So I ask the question: Is joining a GLO, pleasing to God? With all the sins already abounding in GLO's, all the stone-cold sinners, and all of the sins one commits to join and remain a member should be enough reason to say, "NO", it is not pleasing to God. Unfortunately, one submits to this myth that going directly to God will render an answer in their favor to join. Well I ask all of those people, would God tell you to fornicate, marry an unbeliever, become unequally yoked with unbelievers, have regular, on going relationships with sinners(stone-cold sinners), condone hazing by turning a blind-eye( i.e. you are not actually committing the hazing or even present!!!), but you KNOW it is going on, swearing "ungodly" oaths, and praying in "agreement" with sinners( How can unsaved people be prayed with, when they are in need of salvation?). They need to be prayed for. Is God pleased with you walking in agreement with sinners, when He asks the question, How can two walk together, except they be agreed? Is God pleased with you doing things in the NAME of, and to the GLORY of a GLO? Is God pleased with you when you (by your own free will) come together with people you are IN COVENANT WITH (i.e. married to), who you know are sinning and don't want to stop after you have shown them the love of God????? Would God be pleased by me going into a club on friday's to chill, "AS LONG AS I DON'T SMOKE, DRINK, OR RUN THE WOMEN"? This is the kind of reasoning people employ when in or wanting to join a GLO.
People can and probably will call me out on this one, but So be it. How many people do you think, HONESTLY join a GLO to WIN SOULS as their FIRST and sometimes ONLY OBJECTIVE? I will say ZERO. The same type of people that you are joining yourselves with and to are the same types that go to clubs, watch pornography, read and BELIEVE the horoscopes, call the 1-900 numbers, have multiple sex partners, etc. Why are we trying to align ourselves with groups that have no power
This is what I want you to consider when witnessing to anyone about GLO's.
But the most important person to consider is the sinner. We ALL have the ministry of reconciliation. The precedes and supercedes this ministry to expose GLO's. Always deal with the issue of salvation first.
To the CLERGY: I say to you all who do not have the knowledge of GLO's to get it for the sake of the ministry. Buy the book featured in this website. Why do you need it? Because there will be a local greek near you desiring to worship. Next thing you know, you will be ordaining one and all the spiritual baggage that comes with being greek. The number one reason is so that you will have an answer to those who ask you about it. Don't let this be what I call the "red light" syndrome. Don't let a person come to you about it, having no answer for them, and they pledge and die, then you decide to search it out. Just like the intersection or RR crossing with no light: It takes someone to get killed before they put one up. Was there ANYONE out there to tell those two girls who were killed pledging AKA that it was wrong? There was probably some AKA in the bunch who profess to be saved?
It's time to get serious about these cults. They are robbing souls!!!!!!!!

Let Jesus Be Glorofied,

Minister Hatchett

Re: Re: Re: Re: Ministry Updates/Fall Forum Dates

These are all the dates that I am available for speaking engagements September through December. The upcoming schedule for January-August 2004 will be posted shortly.

September 24,25,29,30
October 3,4,5,8,9,17,18,19,22,23,27,28,31
Nowember 1,2,5,6,10,11,14,15,16,19,20,24,25,28,29,30
December 3,4,8,9,12,13,14,17,18,22,23,26,27,28,31

Ministry Updates/Judging Righteously/Christian Masonic Organization

John 7:24

When God called me to expose GLO's, I understood some things immediately.
1.) The Word of God is the final authority on GLO's.
2.) Use this authority to judge these organizations.
What I found out later:
3.) Use this same authority to judge Christian GLO's and any organization, especially ones we make covenants with.

With this is mind, I had no idea in April 1995, what kind of warfare I would be up against. After a year of soul winning, I thought I had heard every excuse possible. But when I started Reprove, Rebuke, and Restore Ministries, I had no idea of the excuses SAINTS would be making. You see, I was not judging the greek letters, but the organizations themselves. I was dealing with their works, characteristic(nature), initiation guidelines, rituals, doctrines, etc. I was not judging the Greek Letters at all unless they had somethng worth exposing.

The issue from one of the forums is, should we have Christian organizations represented by greek letters? The logic it was based on was that if something with such an evil stigma attached to it, why use it to represent you. Although we cannot put a monopoly on greek letters and how they are used, we can put a label on the actions of a group.

But here is where I take serious issue with Christian GLO's: What If some Christians want to start a Christian Masonic Organization? Leave out the square and compass and all the other symbols and you still have a mess by simply associating with something evil.

Here is the conclusion I have come to: ALL Christian GLO's (Chi Alpha not included) that I have investigated are ESSENTIALLY no different than your secular GLO's. I can find no scripture that can be applied that would prohibit Christians using greek letters to represent their organizations. However, I can and have been able upon thorough investigations to expose them based on thei actions. The most serious revelation that I received since Christian GLO's have come to my attention is the what if Christian Masonic Organization.

#3 from above even deals with secular organizations that ought to be watched by Christians as to whether they should join or SUPPORT. Examples: NRA, NAACP, NARAL, United Way, Democratic Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party, etc.

Re: Ministry Updates/Holiness

Holiness is key to our Christian walk. It is our talk and our walk. Many believers today our consumed with what they can retain as a part of their old lives, instead of what they ought to give up to please God. We are to concerned with what the world thinks of us (PEER PRESSURE) than what our convictions are, even when it includes our preferences. Some people prefer and believe it to be sin to them to attend a sports event, but will watch it on TV. You should not make them feel wrong for their conviction, but just simply leave them alone. Mature Christians do not have to feel like an explanation is necessary whenever they PREFER to or not to go somewhere or do something, ESPECIALLY to a sinner or weaker Christian. But where direct and open sin is involved, it must be exposed. Once exposed, the decision must be made. I have heard poeple say out of their own mouths, "I know God is telling me one thing, but I want to do another" I could quote to them a 1000 scriptures, but I simply tell them that they are OPENLY rebelling against GOD. Many who come to this site are at this point. Rebels under the deceptive watch of Satan. He's got you and you know, but are UNWILLING to do anything about it.

Ministry Updates/Students Are the Lifeline of this Ministry

When I was at Albany State in March, I let the students know that they are the lifeline of this minstry. They are on the campuses. They hear, see, and sometimes experience direct actions of GLO's. So when I come, I already know who is doing what. So all of you students who read this and have knowledge of situations on campus such as hazing or someone denouncing let me know the GLO, the people involved, etc. If you know someone who has denounced, let them know about this ministry and that any information they can provide such as testimonies, rituals, pledge books, their brains(a journal of their pledge experiences), etc. to e-mail me. They tell me of the spiritual manifestations occurring due to someone's involvement in GLO's after being warned or forewarned about these organizations.

God! Bless the Students that support this ministry, for they are snatching young people out of the jaws of Satan, to become warriors for you, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Ministry Updates/Exposing Greeks IN the Churches!!!!!!!!

This ministry is getting ready to move into a new realm; the houses of God. I have been given a mandate and an invitation from an Evangelist to not only preach the gospel, but given permission to expose Secret Societies. To equip Pastors and all church leadership about the REALITY of GLO's, Masonic Orders, Shriners, Eastern Stars, etc. so they can effectively minister to their congregations and KNOW that they have a resource to DEAL with these UNGODLY organizations. I have been blessed to be able to preach at 3-4 churches and 1 revival between May 16-June 30. I will preach a regular message, have altar call, and then unleash the anointing that God has given me to expose GLO's. You see, it is all about the soul first, then the education and deliverance next.

Thank-You All For Praying For Me And This Ministry!!! Please Pray For Me Conitnually!!!!!!! We're All A Part Of God's Body!!!!!!!!!

Fred Hatchett

p.s. Alot of posts have been removed, but fear not, they are all saved.

Re: Ministry Updates

As most of you know, I have acquired all 9 BGLO rituals. But I have also acquired about 20-25 WGLO rituals. This was done by the grace of God and some people with willing hearts to help. Thank-You ALL!!! These rituals will be carefully perused for specific subject matter, prove that the material they quote or use is not original material and therefore not protected as their intellectual property.

I am now asking each and every one of you to help me. I need all of your diverse talents and FREE TIME to obtain certain information. I will of course contact you personally, if I have your contact information or you can call me. Why am I asking for help? Because many of you all have been so faithful to God in this area and I want you all to share in every victory with me. I will also be in school for a year getting an MBA. PRAY FOR ME! The things I will need help with is simply godly wisdom and counsel, as well as secular knowledge. I look forward to working with you all.