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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Taking a Stand!!!!

Many people who come here will disagree with me. Many who come here will be thankful. Whether you agree with me or not is not up to me. I am not trying to make you agree. I am not trying to force you to make a decision. I already have my convictions and have acted on them to the point of denouncing. Once the truth has been presented, the Holy Spirit will not lie to you. Many who come here, you KNOW the Holy Spirit has already spoken to you about GLO's. But have you TRULY obeyed Him. This is where the heaven and hell issue comes into play. Your rebellion and disobedience to God, NOT whether you agree or disagree with Fred Hatchett. Once I have given the Word of God on an issue it will be closed. He that winneth souls is wise. It is time to see the Kingdom of God continue to rule on this website with me as the willing and obedient vessel. I went to one who is on my side with this issue and received good, godly counsel. Psalms 1:1-2

Minister Hatchett

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