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Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

Everybody see the cover of JET Magazine? Another person wanting sympathy for being Gay. I never read once where He asks God to accept his and others being bisexual. Instead, he reaches out to gullible human beings for a sympathetic touch with the proverbial, "If people would accept us things would be better philosophy." J.L. King is a true manifestation of what our society has become. If God will not accept you into His Kingdom, why should the born again believer tolerate and accept such abhorrent behavior. What's worse is that you are doing it in secret. How many GREEKS are on the DL? Well GLO's, especially BGLO's have made it an acceptable and safe haven for bisexual men. Since greeks do not have any MORAL STANDARDS in place, membership is on a come one come all basis. Even the expert on BGLO's, Walter Kimbrough, says this is one of four major issues facing Black Greeks in the future. Why? I thought BGLO's were founded upon Christian Principles. When you dig deep enough, you will say what I have said for the past 9 years, "It ain't so."

No J.L., the Christian community rebukes such behavior and will only accept what God accepts, a REPENTANT HEART. A HEART THAT REQUIRES ONE TO TURN FROM SIN.

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

How many MINISTERS are on the DL??

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

I believe there are some to. But atleast the church has a way to excommunicate them. They do not have to be tolerated in the church. What can GLO's do to them? Nothing!!!!

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

In Gods eyes sin is sin. It doesn't matter if you are a glutton, a liar, have lusted after someone in your heart,a murderer, an adulterer or homosexual. All of it is sin, so if the church would excommunicate these individuals based on sin, it would be comparable to a hospital discharging its patients because they are sick. Jesus dwelled among these type of people because he said it was the sick that needed healing. What makes the christian church better than the christ who is supposedly the founder of it? As for GLO's, once again you are making them out to be a religious order rather than social and service organizations. In my view, this is a misrepresentation of GLO's. The mandate of GLO's are not to win souls to Christ or any other higher being but to benefit the community and members by way of social and service activities. GLO's (when properly utilize) allow its members to practice organizing, seeing projects through to fruition and other elements that will prove beneficial once they graduate. It also helps provide a network to tap into when there are times that you may need additional help or information. Whereas there are Greeks on the DL and openly gay, this reflects the greater society. We are not a condoning or a condemning body. Such issues should be kept between an individual and God because He is the final authority on all issues as it relates to eternal reward or ****ation.

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

Thanks 1omegaman. That was a great post.

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

your would excommunicate a sinner...but youre trying to save souls. you are contradicting yourself completely and making your opinions unreliable.

a sinner is supposed to be in the church so they can be saved. and if the minister is misguided then one who is not needs to help him not shun him.

let me make this clear. greek organizations do not pretend to be god. God judges humans, not a preacher,minister,priest, bishop...whatever.

who are we to tell someone who is trying to help the community because you are gay you cant help. i'm not saying i condone homosexuality but i'm not God. I can love my brother because while he dealing with the spirit of homosexuality i may be dealing with the spirit of lust or fornication or drug abuse. It is allt the same to god.
All I can do is pray for that person...hope that the church wont close their doors and be such a hypocrite to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

PS gay has nothing to do with greeks. ther are gays everywhere.

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

Read I Corinthians 5:5, 9-13/Galatians 6:1/Matthew 18:15-18/Titus 3:10-11/James 5:19-20/I Timothy 19-20, etc. Now I am going to be nice and end my comments right there. Read your Bible and tell me about judging. If a BELIEVER is unrepentant about practicing sin, they MUST BE JUDGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for gays being everywhere, what are GLO's, WHO CLAIM to be founded upon CHRISTIAN principles, willingly accept gays, then what are those Christian principles? God will not accept a gay person who has not repented, but you all do!!!!!!!!!!!! He loves them and I hope you do to, but He won't accept them until they repent (Give their life to Jesus and CHANGE).

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

Okay. I'm getting a bad opinion about this website. It's like a racist website, only it's not towards race, it's towards BGLOs. I have yet to see a valid reason not to join one. Yeah BLGO members sin. But Minister----every culture, every group has someone involved in everything I've read so far. What you are saying about all BGLO members is unfair. That's like saying all black people look alike. Just because you are (*or WEAR) the same colors doesn't make you the same.

Alas... I'll keep looking for some significance.

***thinking to myself as I leave****
-All sins are equal
-The church accepts current chain smokers without making them quit.
-Not many churches actually excommunicate members
(I've yet to know of one)
The church is God's home base and is more than founded upon Christian principles.
I love God, but I'm starting to feel like a church basher to try to make the point that your statements are critical and unfair. Maybe I'll just not respond anymore... I don't want to cause those unsaved or weaker than me to stumble for a lack of understanding my POV. ***starts to hum to myself***

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Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!


There are GAY PEOPLE all up IN the church!! I KNOW you're not frontin' as if they're NOT!! And even if you bar the "flamers", the ones on the DL will remain!

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!


Do you consider the ministers who rape little boys as Down Low?

Because this dont get exposed until the little boy gets older and realize that that situation wasnt right. So all alone the minister is having relations with a person of the same sex and no one knows it.

You have a way of critizing the BGLOs but in the end they are still people. Since you like to discuss about the ones who are saved or not. Are the people that are considered to be on the DL saved? If you disagree than the ministers that rape little boys are not saved.

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

Up until now I was reading both sides in the arguments for and against this so-called minister that is trying to spread the word of "God". As someone who is still contemplating her interest in a GLO, I was open to hear arguments from both sides in order to help my decision. After reading this "minister"s thoughts on homosexuality and general humanity, I feel that I would much rather maintain my relationship with MY God who loves all than to succumb to the things he is telling people. The fact that HE started this conversation and brought up gay people like they were lepers who should not be allowed to participate in anything made me lose the last tiny piece of respect that I had left after reading all of the other crap he wrote. I hope he understands how many times the Bible has been translated and that it is IMPOSSIBLE to read it word for word AND that those that do are shaping it to make it mean what they want. Perhaps in his years of studying the Word no one told him that things have to change with the times. Clearly, it would not be ok if we still sacrificed animals for our sins, even he would probably say that was a bad thing, yet he thinks that it is ok to judge others, either for their sexual orientation or an organization they feel is good for them and their lives. If he think that this site will deter people from joining GLO's I just want to tell him that he made me more likely to show my interest by showing your complete disregard for the equality of PEOPLE! And even to those who defended the GLO's by arguing that there are gays in the church-- there are gay people EVERYWHERE that you could ever imagine, but what should it matter. As a strong, independent, STRAIGHT Black woman, I realize that if I tried to shield myself from homosexuals my entire life I would spend it in my house, alone... Grow up and realize that people are different... and one of the reasons these organizations have thrived over the years is that they have provided a safehaven for Black people that were in the same situation people like this "minister" are putting homosexuals in now. Its never ok to hate someone merely because they are different. And I hope that the very religious AND the very Greek people hear what I'm saying and take it with them, or the world will NEVER change. Come on, we are all grown ups, why can't we show it?

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

You make a judgment based on one post. I have a serious compassion for gays, as does Jesus, for He died for them. But did not God call their behavior abominable? Does not God's Word condemn homosexuality? Does not God say in Revelation 21:8 that the abominable shall have their part in the lake of fire? So who are you really judging? God! You are judging His Word and His authority. In your thirst to castigate me, you have forgotten about Him. I have witnessed to homosexuals who listened and to those who wanted to knock my head off for offering them Jesus. I ministered to a man for years concerning this struggle. So before you judge me, get to really KNOW me for who I am. This is why I leave my phone number on the website. 919/278-8911

In your ignorance, you do not know that it is a book written by a greek that I learned about this DL issue. So you are missing Jesus and the issue, by focusing your attention on me. You better keep your eyes on Him. If you are not saved, you can go to the home page for direction. I did not post this to change your mind, but to challenge you biblically.

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

On thing I hate about this whole "DL" issue is that straight Black men nationwide are being smeared, as if being on the "DL" is just an African American issue. But given the rising rates of AIDS among African American women (and it's enormous spiritual implications!), I suppose it is a legitimate concern.

Min. Hatchett, please do NOT try to associate every known sin of man with BGLO's. That's the same technique racist Websites use on Black people. Those "DL" dudes you speak of would have been on the "DL" whether they were "greek" or not. I have never known my greek letter organization as one that provides a "safe-haven" for Bi-sexual Black men!!! Believe me, not all fraternities encourage or tolerate this behavior as you seem to say. That's why many of these "men" have to be on the "DL". "DL" greeks have fraternity brothers who would "wreck" them if they ever found out they were "double-dipping". As a Believer, I'm not saying that's right or condoning that approach, but that's how it is.

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!

Gay's get excommunicated from church? If all sins are equal I am in big trouble. I'm fat! I hope they let me in church this Sunday.

Re: Greeks on the DL!!!!!!!!!


I don't know what church they go to, but my pastor has let alcoholics come into the church and told them he would put their drink in the refrigerator for them (now his father and some other pastors probably wouldn't have done that) but since he's so Spirit lead (Holy Spirit lead) do you think they wanted their drink by the time service was over? Nope. All churches are not the same. All Christians are not the same: some have fallen, some are backsliders (went back to what God brought them out of), and some are just flat out hypocrites. As a matter of a fact, there is a young lady who comes to our church who has engaged in bisexual behavior, but no one treats her different. Some people probably don't even know. Those things don't matter to us--at our church---because when they come in they're going to get the Word, but how can we give them the Word if we push them out. faith comes by shall they hear w/o a preacher? Also to add, we bring in atleast 50 homeless men from a shelter downtown Chicago every Sunday (pick up and drop off), they sit in the same congregation, eat breakfast and dinner with money that we paid tithes with (b/c that's what it's for), oh and b4 service starts they get to shower and put on clean clothes too, man that's so sweet (smiling). I'm sorry I have to take a minute...I love the ministry that I'm under. Praise God....all glory and honor belongs to Him. HALLELUHAH! But anyways, my point was that not all Christian churches are like that and whoever comes into our church lookn funny at the homeless men, the drug addicts, or the alcoholics, will feel stupid, b/c we'll have to fix our faces to keep from lookn at them like they're being a hypocrite. Yet, it is NOT wrong, but rather RIGHT to speak out against these things, but out of love and genuine concern for their soul.

Be encouraged all,
Let God be glorified