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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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BGLO's- A Black Eye in the Black Community!!!!

A member of a BGLO boasted of how BGLO's are still attracting 14 high quality people into their ranks.

My Response:
Quality? I beg to differ based on the frame of reference. Many people look at others as high quality, but what standards are being applied? Better than high quality people are denouncing, especially when they see the falsehood of the GLO system. It takes more time than others to see this, but eventually godly wisdom and common sense take over. People see them for what they are; just another group in the sea of TRYING to cure social problems with human wisdom and failing to the 10th degree. Like I labelled BGLO's as a pack of mules in terms of their ability to create instead of solve problems. They are sterile, stagnant and powerless by choice in the black community to defend, admonish, rebuke, expose, etc. the immoral ills of our community. Why? The majority of its members are engaged in these immoral ills, contributing to the problems, and dare not speak out against them for fear of reprisal and being exposed as hypocrites by their peers. The reality is that BGLO's are doing more harm than good, when they could actually being doing great things. So what is holding them back? The Spirit of Truth(darkness flees from the Light) and the reality of the domination over them by demonic principalities and powers(from which they CHOOSE not to escape). Why are BGLO's not dealing with major immoral issues KILLING our people daily? The above is the only REAL reason. This is why hazing will not stop. This is why you hear this silly RHETORIC of pledging is not hazing. We can have a legitimate process. Listen to your fellow greeks and potentail future members. They don't want it like that. They want what started at the beginning. BGLO's have sown to the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind. BGLO's have created the attitude of EARNING letters when they have not paid any price. Over the past 99 years, what MAJOR contribution to the Black Community has a BGLO made that no other organization has already done? Then answer this- What major contribution have BGLO's made to the shaping of Christian Morality in the Black Community? Now ask yourself- What have these organizations done and NOT done to DESTROY the Black Community spiritually, morally, socially, economically and academically? Not individuals, but the organizations. I seek for LESS HAZERS in GLO's and to this end I will battle for restoration and salvation of lost souls who subject themselves to such punishment. This post will be taken to my website for widespread response.

Re: BGLO's- A Black Eye in the Black Community!!!!

Another example of a preacher in a GLO who takes the side of the devil. I talked to a Pastor who is a member of a GLO. I asked him about an AIDS awareness program his church was hosting. He said there would be several education classes. I asked him would they be teaching about condom use. "Oh yes, and we will be passing them out at the door as the people are leaving!" How can this be this demonic agenda has reached INTO the church? I can't say weak Pastors like him, because he may not know any better. But I say this is an ALL TO COMMON picture among greeks. Were there any greeks there to show their displeasure? Show their outrage? I doubt it seriously. It's a shame to promote sexual permissiveness by trying to hide it with the veil of a hypothetical, "IF they are going to have sex", when anyone can really see that it means, "When you have sex." What will that Pastor say when that person who took his advice comes to him HIV+? What will that Pastor say to the fornicator he blessed with a condom when they are in hell for that sin. If he preaches against sex before marriage and promotes comdom use, he is only going to confuse people. I say to this Pastor, preach the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST, not the gospel of the WORLD SYSTEM. The world system has no solution for the HIV+ or sinner. Only God does. REPENT and BELIEVE in JESUS, REMAIN a VIRGIN or ABSTINENT until marriage. This is the ONLY message a Christian should be espousing. I plan to confront this Pastor face-to-face, Lord willing.

Re: BGLO's- A Black Eye in the Black Community!!!!

As a young person, I have to commend the pastor that approaches Sexual education with a COMPREHENSIVE hands on approach.

Personally, I think that sexual education with the main theme of abstinence is UNPRACTICAL. We live in a time, in which we need to prepare each other for the reality and not based on our desired perspective. DESPITE, the constant calls for sexual self-denial - we face the SAME issues coming from sexual practices (AND in GROWING NUMBERS). Ideally, we'd like to believe if we tell our youth to not have sex they won't. But, they are being penetrated with so many different messages - we should equip them for a reality that may differ from our own selfish ideals.

I admire the Religious leader that notices sex is evident. Sex is evident in and out of wedlock, Casually or Committed, SAFE or NOT! And decides that, in addition to, a message promoting abstinence, information and/or tools necessary for self preservation are in need.

In my opinion, the Religious leader allowed himself to open his mind and do his part (as a leader) to influence change and to relay a message that will penetrate more effectively. And he did so, by understanding that abstinence although ideal - is not the information that is most beneficial to our youth in discussing sexuality.

Re: BGLO's- A Black Eye in the Black Community!!!!

See people this is exactly what I mean. Now where is that Christian SGRho to witness the truth to her? CAN I GET ONE SGRho to come on here and tell her she is WRONG and needs to repent?

God does not teach condom control, He teaches self-control. Tell me one instance where a condom stops fornication from occurring. Now I am being serious with you, because I do not believe this is a laughing matter. These people who go about spouting this comprehensive crap will never be there for you when the condom breaks. They never explain to that it is also a part of human nature that when they are being fed something that tastes good, they will eventually want something better (i.e. skin-to-skin action or no condom). They fail to tell you about studies on OXYTOCIN. See, thought old Fred was just some fundamentalist wacko. Go look up this phenomena they never tell you about. Go read how ABORTION was peddled to the Black community.

Love Fred!!!!!!!!!!!