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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Interested in DST

I just wanted to know some information on what you said the D's were keeping secrets about. I happened across some of your threads and you said to just contact you and you wouldn't hesitate to be forthcoming with information. I've heard things about them worshipping or plegding oaths to Minerva and having ties with the "Boule". I just wanted to get some feedback on this from you.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Interested in DST

Maybe sh'e asking him too because anytime you ask a delta or any other person in an organization a question ABOUT that organization they pretty much beat around the bush and don't tell you anything.

Re: Interested in DST

Okay Loving DST and all others who want to defend the ungodliness of BGLOs, Meka's question was about the worshipping of Minerva, go ahead and tell her that you all don't worship Minerva. You said you'd answers her questions. Yet when you responded you didn't answer her question about Minerva.

Meka, if you are a Christian, I'll reinform you that the Word of God says that we should have no other gods before Him, that means anything or anybody, we can't even put things beside Him (nothing can equate to His worthiness). But I'll tell you, there will be people who say there's nothing wrong with these orgs and they'll be people who'll tell you that there is, but if you are a Christian, you take the info. given and pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to your spirit, but you'll also need to ask that God would help you to HEAR, ACCEPT, AND OBEY, which means you have to put aside what you do AND don't want to hear, put aside your own self-will and desires so that you don't get your own emotions confused with the Holy Spirit (thinking that God is saying one thing when it's really your own desires boiling up). Basically, let God have the final and only say in any of your decisions. THIS IS VERY BIG!

Oh, and Loving DST and any other Deltas on here, I mean no disrespect, but God will get the glory out of my life, which means that I won't justify ungodly things for the sake of some organization--what about you. And be careful how you answer the question about Minerva cause I'll quote it word for word and then wait for one of you all to come and justify it---for the sake of your org (although you may be a Christian---forget the souls of God's people, huh?)

God bless you all,
Let God be glorified

Re: Interested in DST

Worshipping doesn't necessarily mean bowing down to an image--anyting or anybody you put b4 God becomes your god. You all know what's said in the ritual in reference to Minerva and it places her right beside and/ or above God. Too much emphasis is on her. Just mentioning her is a little too much for a sorority founded on Christian principles. Just had to clear that up b/c somebody's going to try to say, "well, we don't WORSHIP her". AND somebody's going to try to say, "we were FOUNDED on Christian principles, but we are NOT a Christian org"--yeah, but you make Christians think that everything is find with your orgs. pertianing to the Word of God as if your rituals line up with the Word.

Why don't one of you Delta's post 1 Corinthians 13 on her for us (lol)...okay, let me stop, I don't want to seem mean, mad, rude, or crazy, I just need to get these things across to the interested Christains, but let me calm down.

P.S. atleast my hands are clean (I just washed the blood off--read the Word, you'll understand)

May God bless you all,
Let God be glorified....b4 you're on your death bed!

Re: Interested in DST

Fred what is your purpose in so called "exposing" BGLO's? I understand the part about wanting to shed light on "secret societies" but I don't understand why you just don't lead people to God to be saved instead of mixing it with something you have obviously deemed as a negative experience. I don't know about others who visit this site but your message would be better received if it didn't focus on negativity.

Re: Interested in DST

I don't know about others who visit this site but your message would be better received if it didn't focus on negativity.

But his message is about the negativity, we already know about the positive and that's the problem--we only know about the positive to the point where we don't want to hear anything negative. Just because someone is telling you that something is "bad" doesn't mean that they are wrong, it's really about whether or not a person is open to receive it and I'd say to not be so open to receive something but moreso be open to take things into consideration and then consult with the Holy Spirit--I mean, it should grab the Christian's attention, who wants to join, when they hear that an organization calls a false god their mentor.

God bless,
And I encourage all who haven't already to seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I pray His joy and peace upon you!