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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Respond to Zeta 4 Life

"Number one I would like to say to Kim's sister that is horrible and those ladies who happened to be members of Zeta are no longer members."

Every hazing incident does not result in members being suspended or even handled appropriately. You are responding to a former Zeta who is coming up on her 14th year anniversary. I was a Basileus, a local zeta of the Year, A Regional Zeta of the Year, a NP-HC local officer, A 2nd Vice Regional NP-HC Director, a Greek Female of the year on several occasions, and a founder of two chapters. My ZETA resume is about 3 pages long. My point being is that I was not the "oh I had a horrible time in Zeta and now I am just a reject" like you guys try to portray Minister Hatchett. I had a wonderful experience in Zeta. I was a Zeta of Zetas. I shook hands and went on trips with FAMOUS Zetas. All this to say one day I woke up and realized that, only what you do for Christ will last.

"Number 1 - in an interest meeting it is part of the process to let all know that we do not tolerate hazing of any sorts. They were wrong for not letting you know."

Sister, we both know this is a joke. The increased pledging and hazing incidents, and fraternity related deaths tell the whole story. So, let's be real.

"2. Omega Chapter- Sorry denounced Zeta but we have an active Omega Chapter and it is not where you go when you die. Thats a straight lie. Winston Salem State is Home to our Omega Chapter. Since you still have the ritual book read it again!!!!"

No ma'am, I have facilitated Zeta funerals and been a part of Sigma funerals. You know what I am talking about, so let's not get wrapped around the axle on a technicality.

"3. The Sorority song- We'll answer one and all- Yeah it means we will help each other out. Too many times people read too much into what is not there.
As far as our shield goes you don't seem to know to much about the dove- it doesn't mean we think we are the light. If you are a Zeta then you really know thats a lie."

I was pledged by a ninety something year old woman. I loved Zeta and it's history more than the best of them. I was considered a "deeper history" Soror. I still love my former Sorors and have contact with them on a regular basis. Those who don't understand my (in my opinion, God's) position, still respect my decision, and I have led many of my former X-Rays, Archonettes, Archonians, Kittens, or whatever you want to call them to come out of this bondage. I know all about the dove, but what you fail to realize is that things are DEEPER than they appear to be.

"Also when we speak of Beloved of God- Belonging to God yes thats what it means. In any of your so-called Churches when people die you all say of they going to be with God- same concept."

Jesus said that he came to divide. Either you accept Christ and His tenets or you don't. He also addresses working with unbelievers, of which He has a purpose. But He discusses COVENANT all through the WORD. I pray that God will open your heart to understand what a willing covenant bond is.

"Also we do not change our rituals to make sure Lesbians feel welcome- it is all the same- WOMEN!!!!!!!"

I performed rituals all over the country. I have sat on regional and national platforms where Sorors heatedly debated these issues. Tell me, what is your involvement with Zeta?

"I have been a Zeta for 14 years and never have I been asked to worship any idol or the devil for that fact. "

I have never been asked to worship the devil either, but that doesn't mean the enemy's was not playing his hand.

I love you with the Love of the Lord and I have not spoken in haughtiness or pride. But when people come with the typical, "you don't know whatcha talking about" stuff, I have to make a very strong point that I absolutely DO. But God should be the final authority. What does He think of the Greek system according to the Word. This is not some far fetched antic. Take anything and shine the Lord's light on it and tell what you get. If you seek the Lord, His truth will not be held back. If your motive is in any way not pure, your pride's eyes will prevail.

2 Timothy 4:3 - For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

Re: Respond to Zeta 4 Life

Oh, and one more thing. There have been several revisions to Handbooks since 1906-1922 (Not sure about Iota Phi Theta). There are several publications including outdated pledgebooks, song books, national initiative publications, etc. Have you read any prior to 1992? Just curious, becuase I have. And yes, while the operative word is "outdated" as the saying goes, a dog always returns to it's vomit. I had to be well read in more organizations than mine as a NP-HC officer, and since most info is public anyway I studied up on all of the BGLO's and most of the others. People just are too lazy these days to be inquisitive. Just like all these books out there about someone's intrepretation of the Bible, because no one has time to read the Bible. Not that there isn't great biblical literature out there, but much of it is fluff. All that to say - go deeper than these websites and what they tell you in interesting meetings. Go deeper than these most recent handbooks. Sit at the feet of the old and wise and absorb what may be watered down in these nicely packaged "historical" books. In a effort to erase some of the ugliness of GLO's past, there has been much revision - but truth is truth. God can always shine a light on things if you allow Him to shine one on us first. Once our pride, motives, and lusts are put away - He will show you all things as stated in HIS Word.