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Any information that you believe will help the Christian in Phi Beta Sigma or wanting to join will help. Any information that is pertinent to Phi Beta Sigma.
Have you ever talked about the ritual to leaders?

Have you confronted church leadership about GLO's?

Describe the real deal about being in your fraternity, being greek, etc.


The pledge is told a story about a greek which is really about them. I am not going to quote in full but give enough for readers to understand that this ritual is not of God. I have long been told that Prometheus was NOT a part of the Phi Beta Sigma(PBS) ritual.

"He (the greek) was lead by the gods to a place called Death Valley where he was sown the bones of the unfit who knew not the meaning of Brotherhood." (Ritual of PBS, Page 7).

So what happens to those who denounce and expose PBS? Are they condemned, even figuratively? And everyone will see this recurring theme of being led by gods. Now how can someone claiming to be lead by the Holy Spirit want to be lead by gods?

This concludes post #1.


Minister Hatchett,

Through my research he is part of the ritual and is looked upon as their so called god (Prometheus).


check into Pallas Athena as well OBE


Now this is not directly associated with Sigma Information.

II Corinthians 6:14-18/I Corinthians 15:33
This has to do with the type of people that other Sigmas or anyone else having a relationship with this person. Anyone following after this guy is susceptible to his VERY CORRUPT teaching.

You can see it happening on the stophazing website under the Off=Topic link, then go to Masonic Information. The sad part is that you do not see any of the Greeks professing to be Christians trying to witness to this guy. Why? Because Greekdom is more important than the Kingdom. They would rather keep the Greek relationship good than to stir it up by telling the truth. They see what True Christians have to go through for bringing the truth (EVANGELIZING), and I believe are just plain TOO LOYAL to their BGLO's.

As a sinner or Christian, this could be real trouble. This guy is a Sigma, Mason, and Shriner. But guess what, he PRACTICES witchcraft. Whenever you here someone talking about using the THIRD-EYE, BEWARE!!!! Start on line 8, in your prayers.........

"PM O’neal
“Hey yall, Im back. I see the nutcases are too, lol. OK dude. When my worthy brother said we are not a secret society, but a society with secrets. He was correct in telling you so. Because you dont understand that statement, that doesnt make it any less true. WE understand it. How do you keep doing the blah, blah, blah thing and you have no idea what youre talking about? In your prayers, you should ask G.O.D. for serenity, much more wisdom, and a third eye that stays opened and visualizes so that your mind can see and digest what food is placed before you. Not the physical food, but food for thought and ponderance. Your wicked nature escapes your seeing. Your debasing of what you know not of, smacks of ignorance. You wallow in one-dimensional social retardation with the knack of a leper. You continually copy and paste based on blind faith in whomever wrote the article, not knowing whether it has merit or not. Since the person from whom it was written has merit in your eyes, you deem the article worthy of a reprint. You are a modern day slave and dont even know it. However with your Spartan words you continuously fight for your master as blind as a racehorse. You say you are standing up for Christ. However, you are among intelligent men and women who can read for themselves and determine their paths in life..who have access to the same materials that have brain washed you. They have chosen their lives...good, bad, or indifferent. That chice was/is theirs to make. They do not conmemn you for your choices, why do you condemn them for theirs. It is up to HIM to do the condeming, not you. While you are in this world and made of matter, you will choose and concede choices of your own based on your own experiences, vitued by living. No hypocritical CPK will cause one to change his path by an abrasive tone, belittling, chastising, or mockery. This , my friend, is a message board. Unfortuantely for you, it isnt even the forum to reach the demographic people that you wish to touch. For your touch to be effective, it shouldnt hurt on first contact. Your approach is wrong. You dont appear to be doing HIS work. You appear to be doing YOUR work. My G.O.D. is not abrasive in word, deed, or fashion. This are the faults of being human, that you display for us so eloquently. But do your thing!”

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All of this comes from the Babylonian Mystery Systems. The very same that are mentioned on this website as being origins of GLO's. This is guy is proving the link between Babylon, Witchcraft, Masonry, GLO's, etc. The THIRD-EYE is purely ancient and purely demonic. It is said to have originated from Adam And Eve when the serpent said, "you EYES shall be opened," (Genesis 3:5). EYES is said to be used in the singular. This means that the your EYE ( Adam's eye and Eve's eye shall be opened). Notice this is not their PHYSICAL eye, but their soul/mind/understanding.

Re: EXPOSING PHI BETA SIGMA/X-Sigmas testimony


Like most African Americans growing up in the south, I was raised up in the church. So, I gave my life to Christ as child and I knew right from wrong. However, I started straying away from the things of God as I got older and thought I could do what ever I wanted to do when I want to do it. As a result, by the time I graduated from high school I was experimenting with alcohol, weed, nicotine, and other tobacco products. Many times while in High School Satan and his workers tried to end/ruin my life by way of car accidents, over-indulging in alcohol, close calls with the police, etc. However, my Grandmother and Mother always told me that they pray me and that they cover all their children with the blood of Jesus Christ. At that time I didn’t know what that meant, but I know now and I can truly say that I know it was the blood that saved/protected/shielded me from the plots of Satan then, and I know it is the blood that continues to save/protect/shield me today.
So I graduated from high school in 1995, fully aware that Almighty God was watching over my soul. I graduated in June 1995 and started college in the fall 1995. Now, all my life I was preferred and favored: as a child I helped teach the kids church at my church and at the time you would think that I needed to be taught, but the grown ups knew I was ready to teach, I joined the Chess team one week and the next week I was a challenge to the top players in the class, I joined the Boys and Girls club and before I knew it I racked up four basketball trophies in the face of the most competitive street ball players in the neighborhood, and I joined the Upward Bound Program and the director called me her son and she still does today; and when we took our summer trip to Washington D.C., I was the first person in the whole building to shake President George Bush Seniors’ hand as he entered the Ford’s Theatre as a special guest one evening while we visited D.C. And even in College, Gods divine favor was upon my life. During my second semester as a freshman in Undergrad, my Biology professor wrote up lesson plans for me and permitted me to assist in instructing freshman biology to the incoming Spring 1996 college freshman, unbelievable but true.
Even with all that good news and in light of the good plan that GOD had for my life I decided to continue to overindulge in alcohol, weed, nicotine, and sex before marriage and before I knew it I was off track. I fell so far off track that I almost lost my mind, maybe it was some bad drugs, maybe it was a spirit of oppression, but alls I know is that I literally went into hiding for like two years of my college life. I mean one day I had a sound mind, and the next morning I was half crazy. I was so messed up that I only went to the café and to classes and back to my dorm. I was always in a state of fear, I became anti-social, and I even distance my self from my family, telling them that, “I got myself into this situation and I’ll get myself out”.
That next semester God saw to it that I roomed with a believer in Christ. I mean this guy was on fire for God and he didn’t care who knew it. He would read his bible every night and pray all the time and witness on campus without fear. This guy and I would have conversations about scripture and I would look at him and see how I used to be for God before I went off track. Then one day he invited me to his church for service. And during the message, the chain of bondage that was on my life was broken, when his pastor began teaching about the POWER of Jesus. From that day forward I came out of my shell, I didn’t care what others thought about me, I started going to events on campus, I started to leave out of my room and watched T.V. in the dorms T.V. room, and I started opening up to my family. That one service changed my life and I had began to slowly transition back into my original state of mind.
Now, early in my transition stage or “comeback” so to speak, meaning that I wasn’t totally thinking straight and that I hadn’t totally committed myself to the Word of God, but I had HOPE that I was going to get better and better. I started focusing on Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, mainly because one of my cousin’s dad was a Sigma and we basically grew up together and I would see his dad’s paraphernalia and stuff whenever I ever visited his home, and his dad would always give us good advice about stuff and be positive about things. Also, had a partner from back home who had pledged Sigma already and he too always seemed positive about things. So, I thought to myself that it would be a positive thing for me to stop wondering about brotherhood and find out for myself what true brotherhood really is and better myself and my community at the same time.
And I did just that, I pledged Phi Beta Sigma. But, because of the crisis I had just gone through and being on the verge of my “come back” so to speak, my only motive/purpose for pledging was to see what true brotherhood really was, that’s it, and foolishly I thought that Phi Beta Sigma could show me what brotherhood really was. See, unlike, the traditional reasons for joining a fraternity, like letters, sorors, easy sex, stepping, partying, competition, acceptance, and branding, I only had one purpose for joining, and midways into the pledging process I knew that what I had committed myself to was not everything I thought it was going to be going in. But I kept my mouth close, since I had already committed myself, so to speak. Some of the things I was asked to do, say, and recite, I didn’t necessarily think that I should be doing, saying, or reciting, and I had to pump my brakes often while pledging. But, I downplayed all of the things that I didn’t quite understand and had doubts about, and just did it.
But Gods Grace and Mercy has been following me (Proof that The Lords Prayer is True) all the days of my life, even until this week. Because, this Sunday night on August 20th, 2006 I received a call from a high school friend of mine, who cared enough to call and tell me that she learned that the fraternity that I had joined and all fraternities and sororities for that matter were born out of WITCHCRAFT, WHICH IS A FORM OF THE ANTICHRIST. That night, realizing and understanding the sin I committed and the mistake that I made, I immediately repented to GOD the Father in the name of Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Savior, Advocate, and Redeemer; for SWEARING AN OATH AND FOR AFFILIATING MYSELF TO AN ORGANIZATION WHOSE FOUNDATIONS ARE COMPLETELY CONTRARY TO MY BELIEVES IN CHRIST JESUS. Also, that night my friend explained to me about freemasonry and what they believe in and told me to go to the website and its links for the proof and evidence I needed to truly understand the SPIRITUAL CONSEQUENCES OF NOT REPENTING OR DENOUNCING/RENOUCING ALL SOUL TIES AND AFFILIATIONS TO PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY INC. My friend also gave me the phone number to an Ex-Omega who denounced his affiliation to Omega Psi Phi after the light of revelation which came from the ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORD OF GOD CONTAINED IN THE HOLY SCRIPTURES AND FOUND IN THE HOLY BIBLE shined on him. And through fellowshipping with my friend, the ex-omega, and from reviewing the website and its links, the light of revelation shined on me as well.
And I told my friend and the ex-omega that this ain’t A JOKE, but it is truly Christ Jesus that was working on our behalf for three reasons.
1. About four months ago God set me in a church, and in that church I met an elder who told me that he had pledged Sigma in College, but renounced Sigma after learning about it foundations and witchcraft. There the seed was sown for me to divorce PHI BETA SIGMA.
2. For the past two months I said this declaration at the beginning of every morning, “Heavenly Father, my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ power over Satan, devils, demons, disease, sickness, witchcraft, and principalities and powers of wickedness in high places has made me whole”. I didn’t know why I was saying it but the Holy Spirit knew. And I was speaking that word in the spirit until it came to past. JESUS IS REAL!
3. My sister was considering joining the AKA’s the Fall Semester. But, now she knows the truth and she nor her friends will go that route. My brothers and sisters in Christ helped save my soul in time for me to help save my sister soul. Now, that’s true Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Scripture: “GOD never leaves or forsake us or our loved ones”.

And that next Monday morning August 21, 2006, without hesitation, I called Phi Beta Sigma Headquarters and closed my savings account at their Credit Union and sent a letter to Sigma Headquarters’ announcing my denunciation and renunciation of membership in the organization. Then I emailed my friend and said, Praise God with me, because I closed my account with my Fraternity this morning, and mailed my letter of denunciation to the headquarters at noon. Now, I am no longer bound to any big brother, oath, letter, or organization, but I am free to do the complete will of the Lord. Blessed be the name of the Most High. Hallelujah!
And as God is my witness while I was leaving the post office where I put the letter in the mail at, after I stepped outside the building, the sky looked bluer, the grass looked greener, the air smelled fresher, and I felt healthier. Then after work I went home and put flames to everything that I owned that had something to do with Phi Beta Sigma. This is my story. Whom the son sets free, is free is deed. Now, what will you do?


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