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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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A young man (Alpha) was upset because his actions was referreed to as inept

offspringofgoodseed wrote:
Cheria and Members,

I used the word "inept" because I rarely see where "greeks" use Holy Scripture to support their claim that their secret society membership is not idolatry in GOD's site. However, most of them repeatedly tell us that we're wrong about calling it what the Holy Bible calls it. I just don't see where "greeks" have referenced both Old and New Testaments to support secret society, occult organizations. I can't believe all the whimpering that occurs on the site from people that "pledged." These are the same people that were able to withstand so much adversity to obtain "greek" recognition, but can't take a Biblically supported Christian character building corrective measure.

Gail Gray

Minister Hatchett

I agree with Gail. As I said in a previous post, poeple come here and try to create their own agenda and atmosphere. I want to know how many times they directly complained during a hazing set that they were disrespected or upset that they were called names. So I have to add to "inept" and say "hypocrites". The point Gail made shows the utter hypocrisy of greeks. A hypocrisy that exists at its core and manifests itself in many ugly ways.

Example: Hazing=Love, Lying=Truth, as long as you do not get caught, Manhood=How you handle the pledge process, brotherhood=doing as you are told, Scholarship=seeing how much you can take from hazing and keep your grades up.

How often did you get in the face of your big brothers during a set and express your disgust? How bad was the beat down later?