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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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The Church Today

I have put in alot of time through prayer and observation about the church of today. There are alot of people, specifically church leaders that have carried their authority to far. They have ignored bibical doctrine, applied Old Testament Laws to New Testament clergy that do not fit or belong, to the point that I hardly EVER watch TV preachers. When was the last time someone heard a straight take me to the cross message, about the resurrection (not including resurrection Sunday), or about a PASTOR being a SERVANT. You have preachers contending for the faith by saying the BLOOD ATONEMENT WAS NOT SUFFICIENT TO SAVEUS FROM OUR SINS. What?

To all GREEKS that read this; I am in no way excusing the greek organizations and what they teach. NASTY is NASTY and GLO's are NASTY.

This was the warm up!

Re: The Church Today

What is this fixation on AMASSING wealth? IF all of these millionaire Apostles were for real, THEY would see the serious need for a BACK to ACTS redistibution as needed wealth. Many of them won't even file a yearly church financial report.

So what you have is FALSE TEACHERS, AMASSING WEALTH, with "PO" congregants told to give more with less. Then when no blessing comes, they are scolded by the Pimpstors for not having faith. SICK and DISGUSTING mind game straight from HELL and I dare anyone to call me on it.

How many of these Pimpstors do you see SELLING EVERYTHING they have and giving it to the poor? Where are the Apostles who HAZRD their lives daily for the gospel? WHERE ARE THE PAUL'S AND PETER'S, WHO WENT AND SENT?

Re: The Church Today

I would not be so critical if these guys were preaching the gospel, but they are not So what does this mean? Yes, they are preaching a false gospel. Claiming the Blood Atonement was not sufficient for our salvation, that Jesus "HAD" to go to "HELL" to pay the FULL price for our sins. That He had to take upon Himself the sin NATURE of Satan. ANATHEMA- Double Cursed are they which preach such a false doctrine. These PIMPSTORS can say any and everything and the sheep are just being led to the slaughter by those hireling WOLVES who care not for the sheep. They play a serious mind game of, I have to be in God's will because I'm FINANCIALLY prosper". LIARS they are. Not all preachers are like this, but the ones with the most FACE time are.

Father, I pray that these men and women preachng this false gospel stop and repent. If they do not want to stop, I pray that the sheep have the desire to listen to you Holy Spirit, and allow you to be their teacher and to reveal these false teachers/prophets, in Jesus's Name, AMEN.