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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Sugma Chi has a ceremony called the Black Supper. It is nothing more than an aberration of the Lord's Supper. But this is not the main point of contention. The point of contention for a fraternity that certainly claims to be Christian based, and their description of the Person and nature of Jesus Christ. They do not see Jesus as God, proclaiming that when he ascended into heaven, He left the Apostles to their own wisdom. That Jesus and the disciples are no different in form of the present day Greek Organization, claiming that they shared esoeric secrets, performed sacred riuals, had signs and symbols, etc. This is actually a common belief among many in Greekdom and Freemasonry. That Jesus is no different than other "GOOD" men, who taught people how to be a good person, help civilization, that Jesus was just simply their teacher. This distortion of Jesus is misleading and deceiving.

The Bible says almost nothing of the sort, except for the sacred rituals of baptism (PUBLIC), and Communion (PUBLIC). If they were like the GLO's of today, they would be done in secret. Instead, you can invite people to your baptism. Jesus did not leave His disciples to their own devices. Before He left them, He promised to send them a replica Himself in the Person of the Holy Spirit. This was fulfilled in Acts 2.


You would think that an organization founded upon Christian principles would flee from freemasonry like a disease, but there are several references to things such as masonic oath, penalty for breaking the oath, and the good old all-seeing eye of Almighty God reference. Well, the all-seeing eye is not a reference to the Almighty God of the BIBLE, but to OSIRIS. The Black Supper ceremony is an act of compromise as they refuse to offer what the Bible says to offer, as to not offend others. What? Christian is Christian! Why are we the ones to always compromise? Well, I do not see this as compromise, I see it as willful purpose to place Christianity as just another religion and Jesus as just another good man.


Poeple in Sigma Chi pride themselves on the fact that the cross is their symbol, and that they base their Christian roots in Constantine and his vision. Well Constantine was a Sun Worshipper.

"So what we have here is evidence that although Constantine professed Christianity he maintained his pagan religious beliefs in the Sun-gods as well. This influence will be felt mightily at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. for it is here, under Constantine's influence that the Jewish Jesus, and his faith, is transformed and made to mimic the already existing Gentile Pagan religious beliefs as held by Constantine."

"Sun Worship
The real secret of Constantine and the bishops of Rome is their cunning introduction of sun worship and paganism into Christianity. It was done so shrewdly that, incredibly, it has been veiled within the faith for centuries. Through Constantine, paganism and Christianity joined hands in the Roman Empire."