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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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We Represent True Greek Life at On Olympus

The greeks here, as with all sites call other greeks that do bad things the few bad apples, never referring to themselves of course. The greeks of this site believe that they truly represent greek life. I challenge all to go there and see for yourself. There are certain people there who are not greek or x-greeks. They will not be hard to recognize.

Re: We Represent True Greek Life at On Olympus

The Greeks that are hard to recognize are the saved ones. They dip into the religion section trying to keep it Holy. But then when you go to the other sections, you see profanity, hypocrisy, lewdness, etc. One person who says they are saved confessed that they must have sex with their potential husband before marriage. The hypocrisy plays a part when you expose their organization to legitimate issues. Example: A greek who confesses Christ as Savior is quick to defend their sorority's use of a false god, but will not correct their own sorors when they cuss, admit to being hazed, or speak in sexually lewd ways. You actually get responses to what they say, but no rebuke. THIS WILL BE CHRONICLED IN MY BOOK. Unfortunately, I will not put the profanity in my book, but people will know. I plan to show this hypocrisy, lack of Christian Education, and prove that these people do not study their Bibles to show themselves approved. One young man even clams that Paul's Epistles carry less weight than the 4 Gospels. He basically challenged the Divine inspiration of two-thirds of the Bible. Why did this belief manifest? Because many of my quotes about greeklife come from books other than the 4 Gospels. When you put pressure on greek Christians, you generally tend to get to the bottom of what they really believe.

Re: We Represent True Greek Life at On Olympus

I think that your are right on the money when you say there is a lack of Christian education that leads people to be permissive of the ungodly. This is an infection within the church.

I read the testimony of the ex-mason, and right there in his first paragraph it states that he had never heard anything from the church to believe that there was something definitley wrong with being a Christian and being a mason. Never heard anything from the church to prevent a spiritual tragedy. wow.

Why? Because the "church" discreetly gives permission by not openly objecting to what is contrary to God's Word (atleast when it steps on the toes of too many {affluent} people, that is). To add insult to injury, there are leaders who sit up in the pulpit and condone what God shuns right there in His Word, contributing to this serious deficiency in proper Christian education and proper Christian example.

You can just see the lack of true understanding in all of the opposition that comes forth when GLOs/masonry/secret orders are challenged. True biblical ignorance by people who are self-deceived in a reprobate state of mind and worship God on their own terms instead of on the terms He set. Get right Church! Put the cliches and feel good messages away, turn off the hype and turn on the Truth.

Teaching God's Truth has become marginalized right in the Body and has been replaced with this spirit of tolerance, compromise,emotionalism, all the while helping people walk into Hell. What kind of spotless church is that for Jesus to return to?