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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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This fraternity has many Christian references in it. The LXA ritual in NO UNCERTAIN terms calims to be a Christian principled organization.

MY POINT- Why would such an oganization LAUD/PRAISE one of its members for being a Supreme Court Justice that helped to usher in the most ABOMINABLE act against humankind (ABORTION) for the sake of privacy (selfishness)? I DO NOT AND CANNOT ANSWER. But I can ask and submit this to everyone; why did Lambda Chi Alpha (LXA) accept this from one of their own? Where was the purity of the Cross and Crescent which they so proudly proclaim? The purity of this virtue lies in the Virgin Mary (The Cross) and DIANA (The Crescent). When you mix Christianity with Paganism, you get SATAN. This is why Harry Blackmun will go down in history as one of LXA's greatest.

Note: Look up a picture of Diana and tell me that she represents purity.

Hint: Her image says to me- Got Milk!!!!!!!!


See the bible verses link for more paganism in Lambda Chi Alpha.


You know, I've said this time and time again, and this kind of junk only adds more credence to my initial sentiment. There IS NO such thing as a CHRISTIAN FRATERNITY or SORORITY--especially in these days. They will never exist as a pure representation of Christian virtue outside of the sanctified Body of Christ. There is just no such thing. ALL of these pseudo Christian organizations are nothing but offspring of pagan-filled religious practices. Even in the days of old, they all claimed to know the One True and Living God--YUDHE VAVHE THE GOOD. Yet, they remained mixed up in all kinds of idle worship. These very same groups have been all dolled up now in the form of collegiate "social groups." However, its all the same--idolatry and false god worship. When are we going to "waaaake uuuuupppp!" Thanks be unto the LORD OF GLORY for His Truth.

Gail Gray(former AKA)


As Minister Hatchett says, they only claim, as does the others, to be Christian principled. They are NOT a Christian fraternity. Based upon the website alone, I don't see why they could even be looked upon as an organization devoted to Christ and the edification of God's people! General Fraternity page: (the word Christian mentioned once...that's a justification move) Symbols: (not much of anything spiritual, godly, or Christian there either) Vision/ Mission: (NOTHING, not only about Christianity but not even spiritual growth!) Basic MEMBERSHIP EXPECTATIONS: (NOTHING pertaining to the Christian faith or walk) and check out this CREED: (Great point! geesh, quite idolatrous and deceiving from the view over here...I believe in....huh? why? "May we have faith in....who? "The cross is our guide" deception--it doesn't say the cross of Christ, the cross symbolizes something great but why is Jesus Christ not mentioned).

So what? Well, basically, this is just another organization CLAIMING, CLAIMING (and doesn't claim it well) Christian principles! (not a Christian organization-the way I see it- they only took it a stupid step higher and put a cross somewhere, but are still not a Christian organization- see for yourself, though I may have missed something). And I think that it's important to bring these things to light that the people of God would not be deceived. That's the point of this site. Thanks!


You know, we're now in the season where we just have to call a spade a spade---ALL OF THIS BUSINESS WITH GREEKDOM IS SPOTTED AND STAINED WITH IDOLATRY--whether they claimed to be CHRISTIAN, AGONOSTIC, SATANIC, WHATEVER! IT'S ALL THE DEVIL'S HANDYWORK!!!




In the eleven years of opposition to GLO's, Omega psi Phi has NEVER called me and asked how we can make the fraternity Christ-centered? To do this, they believe they would have to smear the reputations of many Omegas, dead and living. I am not asking for a character assessment, but revolutionary changes that a God convicted person would not have to think twice about to do. The ramifications of NOT CHANGING are; NEVER ENDING PROBLEM OF HAZING AND PROMOTION OF SEXUALLY IMMORAL BEHAVIOR. The only way for Omega to get right is to abolish its claim of a Christian foundation, remove religious references, abolish all secrets, and become purely secular, like the NAACP or homeowner's association. NO COVENANT, UNGODLY OATHS, etc. Omega appears to have a seriously BORN AGAIN President. I am going to e-mail him with one simple principle, core teaching of Omega and see how he responds to that.

Back to LXA
LXA's oath used to be given where the recipient would make a confession as being a Christian.

In 1966, they added the phrase of being a gentleman to expand membership beyong Christians only.

I would have APPLAUDED this had LXA not taught John 14:6 along with PAGANISM.

Had LXA not taught that the teachings of Mithras and the RITES of going from darkness to light and REBIRTH are in any way like the conversion of a sinner.

But nowhere in the ritual did it require one to be a Christian. It's like today, everybody is a Christian. Mental ASSENT does not make one a Christian. So just because the oath changed from specifically being a Christian to being both a Christian and a gentleman, is meaningless based on LXA's paganistic teachings. The oath changed to conform to the fact that all members would not be Christian (i.e. they acquiesced ecumenicalism) which they did not really have to do since there was never a requirement that men be saved.