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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Denouncing in 2006

There have been many denunciations this year SO FAR. A young man denounced Alpha yesterday. Next thing, I get an e-mail about a lady who denounced DST.

But of course I get an e-mail from an upset person regularly. Got one from a DST today as well. I am learning to be a kinder, gentler respondent. Praise God for that. I am looking forward to more whites denouncing, and this is why I have stepped up my information about WGLO's. The info in their documents is no different than what is found in the BGLO's, so expect much more from them.

Re: Denouncing in 2006

Amen to that!!