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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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KNOW YOUR Greek/Masonic Clergy and other leaders

This thread is so that believers can inform these men and women of God and their leaders of their respective fields about this site. I am not taking for granted that all Christians or sinners know the truth about their GLO's. Many have probably never seen their rituals. These leaders need to be known for their affiliations. Why? Leadership needs to be informed. To ask them the tough questions such as, Why would you belong to an organization that compromises the Gospel and are Antichrist?

1.) Dr. Clifford Jones- Friendship Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C. Member of Sigma Pi Phi and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternities.

2.) Pastor Jeremiah A. Wright- Prince Hall Freemasonry, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL
One of his associate pastors spearheads a PRO-ABORTION organization.

3.) Pastor William H. Curtis
Mount Ararat Baptist Church
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

This Pastor has barked in pulpit, allows ques in the congregation to bark, throwing up the hooks in recognition of the barking.

He said that in 2004-2005 that he was "ON LINE". Lines were non-existent in Omega after 1990.

4.) Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant- Kappa Alpha Psi
Empowerment Temple AME

5.) Bishop Eddie Long- Kappa Alpha Psi
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

6.) John Lovelace- Kappa Alpha Psi
Coordinator of Academic Advising/Counselor at Clarion University

Re: KNOW YOUR Greek/Masonic Clergy and other leaders

Pastor Marvin Sapp is also now a member of KAPsi

Kappa is proud to introduce the latest addition to this group of celebrities, the current top-rated gospel artist, Marvin Sapp, initiated on March 21, 2009. Sapp’s record-breaking “Never would have made it” is the top gospel recording in the country and has become an anthem throughout the gospel movement.

Dwayne M. Murray, Grand Polemarch (CEO) of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, offered this. “Our organization was founded on Christian principles, so we are proud that so many representatives of the gospel industry have chosen to affiliate with Kappa. Mr. Sapp is certainly one of the hottest artists in the country at this time, gospel or otherwise. We welcome him to our fold with open arms and look forward to him doing great things for Kappa.”

Mr. Sapp is tentatively scheduled to attend the fraternity’s upcoming national convention (79th Grand Chapter Meeting), August 4th – 9th in Washington, DC. For specifics on the national meeting, please refer to the contact information listed above

-Kappa Alpha Psi News Wire

Re: KNOW YOUR Greek/Masonic Clergy and other leaders

Jamal Harrison and Marvin Sapp are boys. What does that tel you? Hmmmmmmmmm!

Re: KNOW YOUR Greek/Masonic Clergy and other leaders

Don't forget Bobby Jones - Phi Beta Sigma

Smoke Norful - Kappa Alpha Psi he has a church here in Chicago and Bolingbrook, IL