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The Pledge process and what it does to Christians

Malcolm Malone

I am writing to inform you that you are wrong for using the Word of God in a way to deceive so many that are not as knowledgeable in the Word. I will warn you that Yeshua (Jesus) is watching you, and you shall be held accountable. Remember my brother that a text without a context is a pretext.

Min. H
Well you call me my and tell me about my pretexts, if you are greek, and if you are saved?
919/278-8911I will be out of Worship Service around 1330.

Malcom Malone
I have learning that it is not my place to argue the word (you can found this in proverbs). However, I will point out a flaw in your website. See below:

Candidate: "I_______ (name), do promise in the presence of the Eternal Spirit of Truth, and these finite witnesses, that I will never reveal in any manner whatsoever, for any purpose whatsoever, any of the secrets, passwords, signs, grips or other confidences entrusted to my keeping as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, now at the time of my initiation into the Sisterhood, or that may hereafter from time to time be so entrusted." (DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC., GRAND CHAPTER, RITUAL, 1990, p. 29.)

EXODUS 20:3(amp) Thou shalt have no other gods before Me or besides Me.

Please explain were in this vow does is insinuate that one is placing
another God before the Almighty?

Min. H
The Eternal Spirit of Truth is not the Holy Spirit. Claiming an ETERNAL NATURE of [other] than god makes it another god.

Can you please answer my other questions?

Malcolm Malone
I am greek; (3 yrs), and I will not reveal which organization for fear of your intentions of this dialogue. I notice that you trick greeks that are not familiar with the Word, into believing that they are worshiping a false
god. This is your way of gathing inside information about the organization,
which in turn you find a scripture (pretext) to draw a parallel (false i might add).

Also, I have been saved for 9 years. Its clear that you're making inaccurate claims. The eternal spirit of truth implies whoever you worship, given that members are most often of different religious background. The Holy Sprint is the Eternal Sprint of Truth, given that I am a christian. My brother don't get caught in semantics.

Min. H
Okay Mr. Semantics, who is the Eternal Spirit of Truth do the MUSLIM PLEDGE? Do you believe that Allah and Jehovah are the same God? Are you paper or did you pledge old school?

Oh! hold on, I did not see this.

"The eternal spirit of truth implies whoever you worship, given that
members are most often of different religious background. The Holy Sprint is
the Eternal Sprint of Truth, given that I am a christian." MALCOLM MALONE

The UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAN IS A DEMONICALLY INSPIRED, FALSE GOSPEL (i.e. it's another gospel). I notice that Satan tricks those not familiar with the Word. How can a buddhist believe in the same eternal spirit as you do and his god is false and his father is the devil. By your own admission, YOU are yoking Jehovah with other gods. Now that's what I call an unequal yoke. So what do you say to those of different religious backgrounds? DO YOU BELIEVE THEY ARE GOING TO HELL?

You have been saved for 9 years, but are you born again?

Malcolm Malone

This will be the last e-mail. As I have already explained it is not my place to argue. I am simply saying that your claims are false. I am a second year MBA student, and I pledged 80 DAYS during my undergraduate years. So please don't insult my intelligence or question my validity as a member of a Greek Letter Organization (emphasis on organization). I am a born again Christian, who is very familiar with the Word of God. May I ask which organization you belong to -if there is one?

In my last e-mail you missed the point completely (though I am not surprised), where I tried to explain the meaning of the vow. Within any given GLO there are members that come from different religious backgrounds. This is because GLOs do not interfere, replace, or manipulate one’s religious preference. You should take a course or two in structuring a solid argument, because your website exhibits many flaws. More importantly, your website is extremely misleading.

In response to your statement: “UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAN IS A DEMONICALLY INSPIRED, FALSE GOSPEL”. First, what is the source of this statement? Secondly, a group of males or females or mixture of both that have been friends since childhood can have brotherhood or sisterhood. Is that demonically inspired as well?

I am not “yoking”, which is not the best term to use so I will say equating, Jesus to Buddha or any other false god. What I was doing was explaining that not all members worship the same deity, and that Yeshua is the Eternal Spirit of Truth for me seeing that I am a Christian. Now that would not be so for a brother or sister that is a Muslim in the same organization. I do believe that every individual that does not accept Jesus Christ as their
Lord and Savior will not be granted access to heaven; therefore they will be in hell.

Be well

Min. H
Stop maming [making] excuses, you didn't make them pledging so stop now. Do you need an 80 day de-Ape process? LOL!

Christians getting hazed (assuming you were one) is a great example, NOT. I notice you didn't end your e-mail with 06'.............

So in essence, your frat doesn't care if poeple are going to hell or not. You don't care if you and your fraternity mix gods with the true God.

I will continune with the website, because as long as people see you [your] rit for what it is , they will know the truth.

Min. H
You can catch the rest of this on my forum.

Notice this man pledge 11 weeks as a Christian. Uh! wake up Malcolm. You are an illegal member of your frat. You are untrustworthy as a member, and have proven you cannot do the right thing as a believer in the face of evil.