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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Tradition, Motives and the Heart: Clarifying Matt 15:10-20

Matt 15:10-20 is, for the record, Jesus condemning Pharisaic traditions: that is man made tradition (in the case of the text) and he is undermining traditions invented by men being the basis of one’s Faith. Jesus is saying that it is the heart that is ultimately more pertinent in one’s faith, not tradition. For the record, this is not approval from Jesus to take in what is unclean, it is an admonition not to be immersed into cultural tradition. GLOs are really big on tradition. Tradition didn’t save the Pharisees and it will not save GLOs.

How can any actions or motivations of the heart be pure (by Christ’s standard) when it has been pledged (along with the mind, body, spirit, strength and/or soul) to a culture that is not holistically Christ-like? A culture that is actually hides its anti-Christ identity under the cloak of social good and keeps its association to false gods justified under secrecy and the excuse of allegory? The actions themselves look great in the eyes of society, but these same actions are being done in that name of the sorority/frat, not in the name of Jesus Christ. Just because the actions look good doesn’t mean they are coming from a Christ purified heart.

A Christ-purified heart has not “partook” (for those who just won’t admit that it is plain ol’ worship) in the fellowship of demons (that would be mythology, Greek deities, Egyptian influence, immoral conduct, hazing, the list goes on). To God be the Glory.