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Diamastigosis (Another Link To PLEDGING/HAZING)


The cult of Orthia gave rise to διαμαστίγωσις / diamastigosis (from διαμαστιγῶ / diamastigô, "to whip harshly"), where Ephebos were flogged, as described by Plutarch, Xenophon, Pausanias, and Plato. Cheeses were piled on the altar and guarded by adults with whips. The young men would attempt to get them, braving the whips. At least to the Roman era, the priestess could control the force of the flogging; according to Pausanias, she carried the xoanon during the ritual, and if it grew too heavy for her she would blame the floggers as described above.

During the Roman period, according to Cicero, the ritual became a blood spectacle, sometimes to the death, with spectators from all over the empire (Tusculanae Quaestiones, II, 34). An amphitheatre had to be built in the third century to accommodate the tourists. Libanios indicates that the spectacle was attracting the curious as late as the fourth century.

To bring this up to speed in modern day GLO language, the ephebos are pledges, the cheeses are the Greek Letters to be received, the priestess is the Dean of Pledges (DP), the adults are the Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the xoanon's

(A xoanon (Greek: xoana) was an Archaic wooden cult image of Ancient Greece.

heaviness is due to its continous swinging by the priestess. When the DP says stop, everyone stops.

"Archaic wooden cult image" or Paddles or WOOD in modern GLO terminology. Oh! The leather straps got traded in for the designer cut trees.