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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Why Christians Get Caught Up In Greek Life

It's the simple old turn a blind eye to whatever you know is wrong BFORE and AFTER you pledge. If you do not pledge, you won't have the respect of the group to efficiently win them to Christ. When you're a paper member in organizations that haze, you're the paper of a wiping kind. I think people understand what I am saying. A paper member means you're not a real member.

The problem of Christianity and Greek Life on the practicial level cannot work out unless one ignores evil and only acknowledges the good. Now read the Bible without hell, punishment, judgment, etc. and you will get a world almost like we see today, but worse. Greeks tout 75-80% of members have been Fortune 500 CEO's, members of congress, supreme court, etc. Now let's compare that with the the number of Greeks that have waged stupid wars, embezzled money, ushered in ABORTION. Let's talk about the MILLIONS of LIVES they have killed by the stroke of a pen. They do not want to talk about that. They do not want to discuss their ILLEGAL hazing processes OPENLY as a real believer should, because they know they should have never been involved in the first place. The many members of Greek Organizations are known agnostics, atheists, abortionists, adulterers, hazers, etc. and are given Hollywood Star Status.

The Christians in these organization that are among the ELITE are the only ones given superstar status. Unfortunately, by that time, they have lost focus on who they are in Christ Jesus. This is why you do not see them CRYING LOUD AND SPARING NOT OVER THE INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL EVILS THAT HAVE BEEN AND ARE EVER-PRESENT AMONG THEM. As my Brother in the Lord and Minister Friend says, their Greek lives are a microcosm of their spiritual lives. Things they will stand against in the church, they will not dare do at a meeting. If so, then why haven't Greek organizations changed their worldview to Christianity yet? What could it harm? What are they afraid of? Wouldn't be the RIGHT thing to do? They will not EVER change, because they are friends with the world. The WORLD loves GLO's, and the worst part is that THE CHURCH is starting to embrace them as well.

You will find in the various responses of greeks, compromise, character assassination, Ducking and Dodging (D&D), and other various tactics to digress from the real message in the note, which is: IT'S NOT WHAT GREEK CHRISTIANS CANNOT DO, IT'S WHAT THEY REFUSE AND WILL NOT DO!!!!!! STAND ON THE ROCK IN EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE REVEALED TO THEM.

Aspirant- I would not take one step further toward Greek life until you learn it from the INSIDE TO THE OUTSIDE. How do you do that? These greeks place a lot of FAITH and DEVOTION in and to their orgs. Their continued existence depends upon your participation. If they see that people, especially Christians, refuse to join unless secrecy is removed, hazing abolished, all unrepentant sinners expelled, and made CHRISTIAN organizations and that all should have the right to know what they are joining, the greeks will die out or acquiesce. IMAGINE ALL GREEK ORGANIZATIONS HAVING NO SECRETS, NO HAZING, NO GODS, NO ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF THE ELITE, NO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT STEPPING IF ANY AT ALL, AND ALL PARTIES OVER, ETC. These are all the things that make them what they are along with some good works.

Re: Why Christians Get Caught Up In Greek Life

Minister Hatchett,

Info on MIAKA? May you post where necessary.

Sororities against it and yet some who have a day where it's acceptable?!

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