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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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Water Baptism

Let me say for the record that WATER BAPTISM IS NOT REQUIRED TO BE SAVED. It should be done as an act of obedience, but it does not save you.

I will be back with Holy Spirit Baptism.........

Re: Water Baptism and Recent Debate

I had a recent debate with a guy named Mike S. Here is how it started:

Mike S
I saw a couple of things you left out on your site. you left out baptism on your website when you were telling people how to be saved. and repentance is more than being willing to change. it's actually making radical changes in your life. 180 degree turn.

Min. H
Water baptism is not a requirement to be born again. But thanks for looking out. 919/278-8911

Mike S
really. how do you back that up biblically?

Min. H
THanks for responding. The same way you should, biblically, in CONTEXT. Acts 2:38 where it says for, should read differently, you know that right? Look up the greek word for repent.

Mike S
i don't get what you mean.

Min. H
You asked me to prove it biblically. I did in a very unassuming way. I am saying that you need to read Acts 2:38 from the Greek Text. Concerning repentance, I am saying go to a Greek concordance and look up the word repent(ance). You can call me if you like.

Mike S.
Do you have any other scriptures that prove water baptism is not essential for salvation?

from the Greek μετάνοια, metanoia, changing one's mind, repentance

Min. H
The Apostle Paul was saved prior to water baptism, and the gentiles that received the Holy Spirit Baptism prior to water baptism. Acts 9 and 10

To Be Continued

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