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Articles in a school newspaper

Tiring of society's ills, specifically, but not limited to the black community, I researched and compiled information on the black community's history. I wanted to know why we have problems that affect our communities to a much greater degree than others. My beginning article was general in nature. What happens in the follow articles ran me right in the face of this ministry's purpose, EXPOSING GLO'S.

Standing in the Midst of Evil
A Lesson in Self-Accountability
Fred Hatchett

I was born in 1966. Ever since my skills of observing human behavior could successfully be processed in my memory, I have had much to say to the society as a whole, black community specific. Do not be mad my Caucasian friends. Some problems in your communities are just magnified among your black cohorts. When I was growing up, one could never pass the blame onto another for what they did. One could not lie if caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. One could not escape a piece of leather or nice green piece of wood, a “switch.” I have never seen a white person use a switch or belt on their child publicly. They use their hand, defeating the purpose causing pain for them and not the child. Who are those white parents that afraid to tell their teenage kids that they cannot go out and drink, but rather they stay at their house to get nice and toasty? Who are the black preachers, who tell others that they would rather their children have sex in the home? Both communities have imbeciles; they just drink from different wells of stupid water.

But what has happened in 2006 started over five decades ago. When the Christ-Haters took Jesus, God, The Bible, etc., out of the public arena and put other gods in, everything went haywire. Suicides, drunken driving, sexual promiscuity and sexual aggressiveness among women, parental latitude, etc. were and are all on the rise.

Timeout! What is that? Putting kids in a corner! When I heard about timeout, I was incredulous and fearful. Parental rights would slowly erode if they did not take a stand. If one of my boys acted inappropriate in public, they got the leather or the switch on the spot. My children had to be taught self-accountability. Their actions had direct consequences that may not be tied into what was happening with other people’s children. The Smith’s child may not get a whipping for the same offense my children did. I do not know Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad and Angelina personally, except for the fact of their illegitimate child. Ouch! A little humor mixed with reality, while standing in the midst of evil. People celebrated their baby, which 40 to 50 years ago would have been labeled a bastard. Please do not blame the child. “What you applaud, you encourage, and be careful what you celebrate”, were the insightful words of Peggy Noonan.

If Brad and Angie had been a poor, black, unmarried couple, the local Planned Parenthood would have said, “We have chemical, suction, partial-birth, and the lovely dilation and curettage, a form of abortion at twelve weeks or less, where a loop-shaped knife is used in the cervix to cut the baby into pieces and scrape him/her form the uterine wall). What’s your pleasure? It’s your choice.”
Dilation and Curettage (D & C)
”These abortions are usually done before 12 weeks. The cervix is dilated to permit the insertion of a loop-shaped knife which is used to cut the baby into pieces and scrape him or her from the uterine wall. Body parts are pulled out piece by piece through the cervix. The scraping of the uterus typically involves more bleeding than from a suction abortion and increases the risk of uterine perforation and infection.”

Some choice! This is why blacks must start holding each other accountable. But it is pretty hard when you have a graveyard in your closet. Adultery, drug use, fornication, drunkenness, prejudice, etc. Blacks must tell their so-called brother and/or sister to stop, but must have an intact integrity as well. This is why our black self-appointed leaders are laughable, committing indiscretions, but keeping them as our voice in the black community.
The lack of communal accountability keeps the drugs dealers on our corners. The lack of self-accountability perpetuates and spreads our diseased characteristics to others. Who is willing to hold many of our leaders, organizations, preachers, and politicians accountable? Go to these websites and see who is willing;,, These individuals are willing to stand in the face of evil, call on others to do the same while specifically putting their lives and own personal accountability on the line. Many sins of the quiet Christian will go unnoticed in the public square though ridiculed privately. But the ONE sin of the bold Christian will be broadcasted worldwide, in hopes to destroy his or her message.

Oh how self-accountability is so important when standing in the midst of evil. Reverend Jimmy Swaggart is a perfect example about standing in the midst of evil, learning a valuable lesson in self-accountability. His ONE open sin could have destroyed him, but his value on accountability to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and self-accountability brought him back to prominence with humility. He truly repented. But look at the black community’s example, Jesse Jackson. He lacked both of what Jimmy Swaggart possessed. Jesse still pimps the black community and has the audacity to question the morality of others. An adulterer will have his part in the lake of fire.

Until all people, specifically blacks, due to the high saturation effect of problems, rise to the occasion of standing in the midst of and against evil with an attitude of self-accountability, Lord willing I will be writing this same article after another 40 years and it will be your unaccountable grandchildren reading it.