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An AKA and I Debate- Parts 6 & 7

Part 6
Min. H
In Part 5 above, Ashley stated above that I had changed the subject, so I responded:
Oh! The subject is JESUS IS GOD AND THE SON OF GOD. Do you need the scriptures, or can you seek them for yourself. It amazes me how a religious scholar picks and chooses scripture to believe, while in the very same chapter of a book He is called God, the Son of God, and the Creator.

Your denial, Islam's denial, Hindu's denial, etc., etc. of Jesus' deity is a serious problem. In one scripture, God calls His Own Son, God. I will allow you, the religious scholar to find it.

Your a religious scholar! Why don't you do a search on the sorority's colors, their meaning, and their relation to hinduism? You see AKA is disinterested in your faith. As an organization, it would be unfruitful to be Christ-centered, but they knew how to manipulate a Christian.

The problem with BGLO history is that it blatantly resembles Egyptian history, like the way you portray it. I will let you figure out what I mean by this statement as well.

As for you wanting to present good works, I present

Ephesians 2:8-10
Titus 3:5
Isaiah 64:6
John 14:6

ACTUALLY, the subject is BGLOs. However, what I believe or don't believe in is not the point, because everyone has a right to practice their own religion without persecution or harassment from people who feel the need to spout their word as truth.

Min. H
What you call harrassment and persecution is crazy. The MOST persecuted are those who believe in Jesus Christ.

As a whole, I have always been skeptical of anything that is not perfect. The Bible, which all your 'good works' come from, is a book, written by MAN. It is labeled the word of God, but God did not come down from the heavens and write it. Nothing you say or cite from the Bible will convince me otherwise. However, just because it was written by man does not mean that it is not a credible work. But credibility and the 'absolute truth' are not the same. Many things were considered credible and turned out to be false...such as the belief that the world was flat. Or are you someone who still thinks that it is? The point is, however, how BGLO's such as AKA follow these rules of Idolatry. Specifically AKA, since that is the only organization of which I am a member.

I am glad you see me as a religious scholar. Jesus Christ was written as the son of God. However, he also was written of as a prophet, a martyr and a man of miracles.

Again, with the 'denial' claims, you reference the BIBLE! Not everyone subscribes to that text. And as a man who calls himself a former Catholic, you should have been taught religious tolerance. If you missed that lesson in Sunday school, maybe the moral sense of reason will appeal...that maybe the most important thing is that someone believes in something, and it gives them matter what their 'name' may be...God, Jesus, Mohammed, Allah, Buddha, etc...

I have done research on what the colors of AKA represent, why they were chosen and the process behind the a member and non-member. CORAL RED is a representation of the muladhara chakra which is affiliated with Hinduism. Look that up if you don't know it. I'm sure you'll find further fault with that. However, Alpha Kappa Alpha's color is Salmon Pink and does not even look the same as Coral Red. So please, check your information! AKA is not disinterested in my faith, if anything they embrace faith. But, then again, you aren't an AKA, so you wouldn't know that, and all you have is have yet to give me any solid, true facts to support your claims. NONE. How does AKA history (in the way I portray it - not clear on that at all...)mimic Egyptian history when the motto and name come from GREEK origin? Please fill me in....telling me to figure out for myself is a cop-out when I've been asking you for concrete information since Day One and have NONE!

Oh, and once again, you have not stated your information. And why am I not surprised?

Part 7
Min. H
At this point, I saw no need to dialogue concerning the sorority, sins of the sorority, etc. If one does not believe the Bible to be the Word of God, but can believe that Jesus is the Son of God, then how can they state that as real to them, if the book that stated it is full of errors, and according to Ashley, not divinely inspired.

Min. H
No Ashley, the subject is BGLO's and sin. That's how you started out. You also told me to be a witness, or do I have you confused with someone else. So since you do not believe what the Bible says, then you are in need of a savior, not a sorority. I am not avoiding any conversation about your BGLO. So until you can come to grips with that, so be it. As for you being religious scholar, that's what you said. As for th 500+ errors, I actually found one while reading. Turns out as a historically reliable should, there was a great explanation for it. You see, copyist errors are to be expected, but that does not mean the Holy Bible is not divinely inspired. PEOPLE DENIED/DENY THE TEN COMMANDMENTS EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE WRITTEN BY GOD HIMSELF.

If you do not believe the Bible, how are you to be shown idolatry? This conversation is over. I will let the hearts and minds of people who read the forum decide. Oh ye! Thanks for the info on the Chakras, your colors and how they are defined do have something to do with hinduism. Whether or not the 20 pearls had anything to do with it is unknown.

Jesus is God. If you are truly a religious scholar, you would know that, but some things take faith, not scholarship even if it is right in fornt of your face.

If everyone has the right to practice their own religion, then there is nothing wrong with what Al-Qaeda is doing right? Be careful when making broad and sweeping statements.

Now I ask you, What shall you say? Is it WISE for YOU to say anything? At this juncture Ashley, I would definitely say no. I would say to pray about whether or not Jesus is the Christ, God in the flesh, Who atoned for all sin. Jesus accepted WORSHIP. Since this is the case, then what does that make Him?

This is not my complete response to all that you have written, and please submit 1 scriptural error, one you personally know, not just a cut and paste. One you have researched, and send it along with your response to this if you have one.

You have me confused with someone else. Witness has never come out of my mouth. I never said that I do not believe in the Bible, I said that history has shown it was written by man. Look at the history of the King James version of the Bible. How many passages were changed or altered to fit how the King felt religion should be received. I do not need a savior, and if you truly felt I did, you would be offering to show me the errors of my 'devious' ways and not telling me that the conversation is over. Minister Hatchett, as you call yourself, should be able to minister to the lost souls of the world. If what you feel in your email is true, than I am one.

"I do not need a savior, and if you truly felt I did, you would be offering to show me the errors of my 'devious' ways and not telling me that the conversation is over." Ashley

Min. H
What can I do if you do not need a Savior, do not believe the Savior's Word, etc. If you humble yourself to Him, you will truly want to learn. Instead, you just want to throw jabs. I have shown you errors, but of course, you deny them as errors. Continual dialogue does not prove anything. I have given you plenty, but you have denied Him. I will definitely comment on all relevant material in the days to come. YWEGOMAB! This is a code predicting how you will answer, the contradictions you presented.

Killing innocent people is wrong. Period. I do not condone with Al-Quaeda does. They are not a religion, but a militant sect of a religion. All Islamic members are not a part of that.

Min. H
That's not what the Koran says.......................... A true muslim kills infidels at Allah's command.

As far as your bible question, I have a paper I wrote for a class that has some errors that I found.

Genesis 32:30 says "for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved". John 1:18 says "No man hath seen God at any time" James 1:13 says, "for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man." Genesis 22:1 says that "And it came to pass after these things, that God did tempt Abraham". Matt 4:8 says "Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them". (This would mean that the world was flat, because there's no one point in the world high enough to see all the land in the world.) I'm sure that these are probably ones you could find on the internet, but I found them myself. no CUT and PASTING. I'm a 3.7GPA college student, I don't plagiarize and I resent the insinuation.
Let Jesus Be Glorified by you,

Min. H
"Killing innocent people is wrong. Period." SO YOUR ARE PRO-LIFE? PERIOD.

Min. H
Genesis 32:30 says "for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved".

John 1:18 says "No man hath seen God at any time"

You would do well to study in context first. Then in the text's original languages. One verse wonders seldom prove anything.

SEE means more than physical sight alone. This is all I will say about that supposed contradiction.
EXAMPLE: John 3:3 (except a man be born again he cannot SEE). SEE is not physical eyesight.

Not seeing (no pun intended) that SEE is not physical sight is just as foolish as BORN AGAIN was to Nicodemus. This is what happens when one does not SEE spiritually.

Grab a concordance, and an open heart, and maybe you will SEE (physically and perceive mentally) that there is no contradiction here.

Next: This one was a little tougher to deal with since many find it so easy to read out of context and have a poor grasp of our own language.

James 1:13 is preceded by 12 verses (what happens when trials come from without?), and proceded by 3 more in the same chapter (what happens when trials come from within?). A man is tempted by when he is drawn away by HIS OWN LUST, not when God tempts him with lust. It's an internal problem. Notice in verse 13, WITH EVIL!!!!!!!!!!

In Genesis 22:1, is God tempting Abraham with evil? Abraham shows no guilt, but rather obedience which is what TESTING brings forth, not inward lusts.

Concerning the same situation, please read Hebrew 11:17- By faith Abraham, when he was tried, offered up Isaac: and he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten son,

Matt 4:8 says "Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them". (This would mean that the world was flat, because there's no one point in the world high enough to see all the land in the world.)

Min. H
1.) The Creator, Jesus Christ, already knew the dimensions of the earth. He didn't have to SEE (there's that word again) the kingdoms. Besides, how much sense does it make when Israel is not located on the edge of the world in the first place. How do you offer to the Creator, something that is already His?



7Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith, To day if ye will hear his voice,
8Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness: