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Nubian Message's Gag Order to Protect Black Community

Last Year I wrote several articles about black history, and the people that are given a place in that historical account. Before I actually show the article, I wanted to show the exchange between myself and a staff member (who I will not name at this time for a certain reason) about the article.

Staff Member Wrote:
"Hello Fred,

I hope all is well with you. I am sorry that this e-mail is late. Your article was not published in the last issue of the Nubian Message because of the content.

****I do not [want] an article in the Nubian Message that calls out certain members of the African American Community local or nationally neither present nor past.****

That is why it was not run. It is my fault for not letting you know this in a timely manor. I am a lot more organized this semester and hopefully that will be the remedy of any communication problems."

My knee-jerk response:
Then this paper is not worth writing for if truth cannot be told.

My detailed response"
I wish to be more detailed in my answer, instead of my knee jerk reaction, although the content will still reflect my inital response.

"Your article was not published in the last issue of the Nubian Message because of the content. I do not an article in the Nubian Message that calls out certain members of the African American Community local or nationally neither present nor past."

"Certain members"! This wreaks of elitism, racist double standards, hypocrisy, prejudice, and suspicion. These people are evidently proud and unabashed about what they believe(d). It's all in the public record. If they had or have changed, I found no evidence to support it. This type of censorship is exactly what I have discussed in previous articles about the status quo and the black community. If you don't go along with the status quo, you et shutdown. After this, I was prepared article to do exactly as you asked, and give some life perspective from an older person's point of view. I had a great article to write.

What happened to freedom of speech? What happened to truth and honesty? I have not uncovered some HIDDEN past. I have uncovered ugly truths about people in the black community that no one wants to hear. I could understand if one of these people confided in me something personal about their lives, but this is a matter of public record.

"African American Community"- so who is not included in being called out?

I have enjoyed every minute writing for the Nubian.

Minister Fred Hatchett

I suspected something else was behind not printing the article. I was right. Next post!!!!!!!!!!1

Re: Nubian Message's Gag Order to Protect Black Community

Staff Member
"The Nubian Message does not yet have the ground to stand on to make such claims. Yes we have been around for 15 years, but we do not have the necessary standing with the Black Community on campus nor with the rest to make such claims that exist in your article. If that went to print Bradley Wilson would be down my neck along with the rest of the administration on campus and probably some students. It would put the paper at risk of being shut down. Meaning no paper, no voice."

My Response:
"This type of censorship is exactly what I have discussed in previous articles about the status quo and the black community. If you don't go along with the status quo, you et shutdown."

I was never asked to sit before any of these people to discuss the content of my article, or to legitimize the sources.

I will show the sources of some of the things I wrote next.

Re: Nubian Message's Gag Order to Protect Black Community

Min. Hatchett wrote:

Staff Member,

Are you a born again Christian staff member?

It's one thing if I were lying. It's completely different when every "claim" (fact) is supported with good reliable sources. I have actually made the same claims about some of the people mentioned in the [previous articles] I wrote this semester. The thing that has me wondering is that this is an opinion article. Someone can just simply say I am crazy, stupid, or whatever they choose to call me.

Here is where I got some of my information from, the claims as you call them:

Rev. Otis Moss- Pro-Gay Preacher whose bio reads " Theologian, pastor, and civic leader the Reverend Dr. Otis Moss, Jr. is one of America's most influential religious leaders and highly sought-after public speakers."

Zora Neale Hurston- Link proves her association toVoodoo.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. This link takes you to his rejection of the blood atonement of Christ.

"In 1991 a Boston University investigation into allegations of academic misconduct concluded that Martin Luther King, Jr. had plagiarized large portions of his doctoral thesis. "A committee of scholars at Boston University concluded that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized portions of his doctoral dissertation, completed there in the 1950s." The BU committee recommended that King's doctoral degree should not be revoked; however, a letter is now attached to King's dissertation in the university library, noting that numerous passages were included without the appropriate citations of sources.[69]", taken from "Panel Confirms Plagiarism by King at BU" by Charles A. Radin, The Boston Globe, October 11, 1991.

James Weldon Johnson
“James Weldon Johnson
God's Trombones: Seven Negro Sermons in Verse
New York: Viking Press, 1927.
As a poet, Johnson began to experiment with the free verse form, producing what may be his best-known work, God's Trombones. Though a committed agnostic, Johnson used the work to pay tribute to the black preachers he remembered from his childhood. Each poem presents in lyrical but colloquial language a version of a classic sermon, such as "The Prodigal Son" or "Noah Built an Ark." Johnson rejected the use of broad Negro dialect as comic and derogatory and revealed the old-time black preacher as a folk figure of dignity and eloquence.”

Rev. Al Sharpton
“Don't let states deal with gay rights-equal federal rights
Q: You support gay marriage?
SHARPTON: I think is not an issue any more of just marriage. This is an issue of human rights. And I think it is dangerous to give states the right to deal with human rights questions. That's how we ended up with slavery and segregation going forward a long time. I, under no circumstances, believe we ought to give states rights to gay and lesbians' human rights. Whatever my personal feelings may be about gay and lesbian marriages, unless you are prepared to say gays and lesbians are not human beings, they should have the same constitutional right of any other human being.
Q: How would you do that?
SHARPTON: I would say that they have the constitutional right to do whatever anyone else can. Bush is trying to go from race baiting with quotas in 2000 to gay baiting in 2004 [with is call for a DOMA Amendment]. And all of us ought to be united that he does not scapegoat the gay and lesbian community like he did minorities four years ago.

Source: Democratic 2004 primary debate at USC Feb 26, 2004

The only thing I would change about the original article is where I called some people abortionists; that could be changed to eugenicists.

I am willing to discuss this face-to-face with you and everyone you mentioned along with the article. Bottom line: Why is my tone in the article so serious and direct? We need leaders, Lord Jesus we do. But we need ones with integrity, and ones who are not so willing to cover their unrighteous tracks. The Apostles were never ones to hide flaws when writing of themselves. The key is that they were changed men. The problem now is people want to be like Barack Obama or Oprah Winfrey, who have no qualms about a women killing their own and another man's child. But who's going to tell the young kids THE TRUTH?

The Nubian Message, nor our people will be no better, because just like its Egyptian Ancestors, they never recorded their defeats, or anything that didn't glorify their kingdoms. When history repeats itself like this, what does that say to us today? A whole lot, but not much..............