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It's REBUKE and PRAYER time.

We (blacks) sure have come a long way..........

"Nearly all of us have diplomatic responsibilities on campus," says the "dean" of the Black Ivy League ministers, the Rev. Dr. Peter J. Gomes of Harvard. "I think of myself as the Secretary of State for Religion [on campus]," he says.

Peter Gomes is an openly avowed homosexual.

"Paul Lynch: Our first speaker today is an invited speaker, the Reverend Professor Peter John Gomes. Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1942, the Reverend Professor Gomes is an American Baptist Minister ordained to the Christian Ministry by the First Baptist Church of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Since 1970, he has served in the Memorial Church, Harvard University and since 1974, as Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church. A member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Divinity of Harvard University, Professor Gomes holds degrees from Bates College and from Harvard Divinity School and honorary degrees from nine American colleges. He is an Honorary Fellow of Emmanuel College, the University of Cambridge, England.
Widely regarded as one of America’s most distinguished preachers, Professor Gomes has fulfilled preaching and lecturing engagements throughout this country and the British Isles. He was named Clergy of the Year in 1998 by Religion and American Life. His New York Times and National Best-selling books, The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart and Sermons, the Book of Wisdom for Daily Living, were published by William Morrow and Company. He has published four additional volumes of sermons as well as numerous articles and papers. Most people had no idea that Professor Gomes was gay before he came out, and so when he did, he shook up the university, the church, and all those in the community who paid attention when he did come out. Ladies and gentlemen, Professor Gomes.

Peter Gomes: Thank you very much Mr. Moderator. As I look out among you and have this morning reviewed the very complete program booklet, I think I can say probably without fear of contradiction that this is not my usual beat. I have often wondered what I as a Christian Clergyman would do with a room full of psychoanalysts under compulsion. The fantasy might intrigue you as much as it has titillated me, but my assignment here is not to rehash the ancient enmities between our two professions. It is not for me to tell you how frequently you have got it wrong. It is not for me to tell you how often I have had to clean up after you in various places of my profession. That waits for another occasion and another place. I am sure you might feel the same way yourselves if any of you had been invited to speak before a gathering of Baptist Clergy here or anywhere else.
So you can appreciate, I hope, the delicate and the exquisite sweetness of this moment of which I am not going to take advantage, but rather will try to address the topic that has been assigned to me. I am happy to do so because it is a topic of such critical importance. I would be prepared to posit -- at least for the sake of our conversation -- that the field in which I profess some competence has perhaps the formulative responsibility for the perceptions and the prejudices with which we are now concerned, and I begin with that statement straightforward.
It falls to me as a Christian minister and a practitioner of religion to indicate that in the matter of sexual prejudice, religion is fundamentally a part of the problem and one can only hope that by acknowledging that, it may well indeed become part of the solution as well. Perhaps the one thing that my profession and yours have in common is that we have a great deal to answer for in the question of this prejudice which we are confronting today."

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