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An Attack From A Fellow Believer of Delta Sigma Theta

A Delta writes

"Good Evening,

I just wanted to let you know - I have a problem with you posting this information on your website, especially b/c I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

I never understand why people care that much to go ahead and do things. I'm always curious to understand the WHY's of these actions. Did someone who was a member do something to you to make you do this? Or for that matter, any of the organizations. What is your purpose and what is your expectation? What do you want to get out of putting things on blast?

Wow - "this is a real ugly, ungodly piece of work that an organziation that claims to be founded upon Christian Principles has perpetrated..." (Min. H)

WOW. You're calling something ugly, ungodly, and being extremely judgemental. Should you be ashamed for being that way?

You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope that someday you will understand how you hurt orgs by doing this. If you choose to not be a part of one of these organizations, then dont be a part. but You don't have to put information for the world to see like that. It's digusting.

That's all I have to say - and I wont support your site. I stand strong and confident by my organization and who I am first and foremost before the organization." (Min. H)

Now this young lady promotes WORLDLY parties at a club in New York.

Hosts: This Young Lady and another greek (Omega Psi Phi)


This is what she was mad at:
From My Website
The Delta Meditation vs. I Corinthians 13

This is a real ugly, ungodly piece of work that an organization that claims to be founded upon Christian principles has perpetrated.
Get your Bibles out!!

"Though I speak with the tongues of the learned and profound, and have no love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging symbol.
And though I prophesy, know all Delta laws, ritual, traditions and secrets, and can recite them glibly;
And though I have such absolute devotion to duty that I can do anything my hands undertake, and have not love, I am nothing.
Though I spend all my time working on worthy projects, and though I give all I possess, pay all assessments, strive with all my might for Delta, and have no love, I make it amount to nothing.
A true Soror is very patient, very kind. Her love for her Sorors knows no jealousy; she makes no parade, puts on no airs, is never rude, never, defensive, never selfish, never irritated, never resentful.
A true Delta is never glad when others go wrong; she is gladdened by goodness, always slow to expose, never a carrier of gossip, always eager to believe the best, always willing to help others in the slow process of growth.
She wears her pin with humility. Her love never disappears. As for interpreting the law, it will be superseded; as for tongues, they will cease; as for a college education, it will be superseded.
For now we know only bit by bit and we prophesy bit by bit; But when the true sisterly spirit is attained, the uncharitable shall fade away.
When I was a pyramid, I talked as a Pyramid, I understood as a Pyramid, I thought as a Pyramid, but now that I have become a Delta, I am done with the ways of those intending to be Deltas.
At present we see only the great potentialities of a Sisterhood founded on Christian principles, but some day we shall know that its realization rests upon the quality of our lives in fellowship one with the other.
At present I am learning bit by bit, but then shall understand as all along the Creator of all has understood the dignity and the worth of every individual.
Thus faith, and hope and love last on, these three, but in Delta Sigma Theta, the greatest of these is love."
(The Official Ritual of the Grand Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., p.79-80, 1996)

Now why would an organization that is founded upon Christian principles say this, "We believe in a spiritual life but we leave to the individual the selection of the medium for its outward manifestation." John 14:6/Acts 4:12 say the exact opposite. A Christian based organization promoting and condoning ANY and EVERY religion. Creating a HAVEN for false beliefs to be perpetuated and cultivated. For a Christian to want something like this that bad, oh well!!!

Re: An Attack From A Fellow Believer of Delta Sigma Theta

Well when people are in covenant with demons you can expect them to defend their organizations. The part that is so crazy is that they know the oaths they take are crazy and when you have a person who claims to be a christian becoming a DST or whatever then the get to haze the next group. So you have a christian HAZER!!!

Re: An Attack From A Fellow Believer of Delta Sigma Theta

Who is actually in covenant with demons or the devil.....? You may think someone else is... and someone else thinks you are.... I am a Christian and I have witness another organization/religion utilize the King James Version of the bible (almost a 2 hour presentation of various books/chapters/verses) to support their religious beliefs and denounce Christianity. Point being... you can utilize the bible to speak against GLO's.... and GLO's can utilize the bible to justify their core values or actions. The major difference is... voice your love/belief/devotion for your GOD. If you are a true believer you are not here to convert people but voice just that. Ultimately there will be judgments day and GOD will have the final say on if YOU as a devote Christian are worthy enough over a devote Christian that is also a member of a GLO. So negative connotations or speaking against another religion or organization is really not up to you, me, or any other person. If you meet someone apart of a GLO or who is not... Your obligation to Jesus Christ is to "speak of your GOD and let others know the glory", not speak so negative about what you dislike where you barely testify of what your GOD has done... Christianity vs. Islam, Christianity vs. GLO, Islam vs. Judaism... Why is it a vs.? Let others know of your GOD and do your part to worship and spread the word, because ultimately GOD will have the final say and decision and trust me... GOD will not ask YOU what you think of this non GLO or GLO member.