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This is the forum area where you can discuss topics related to the Biblical exposure of Greek organizations. All posts are reviewed; if they are offensive they'll be deleted. 

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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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A Prayer For Those In Greek Life

Father God in the mighy name of Jesus, Your word tells us in John 14:14 that if we ask anything in Your name that You would do it and it is in the powerful name of Jesus that I ask You to bless this ministry, cover this ministry with precious blood of Your Son Jesus Christ!

I pray a hedge of protection around this ministry and everyone that work with this ministry, everyone that enters this website and/or ministry doors via email or telephone, my prayer today is that scales will fall from eyes and those that are seeking help with breaking free from GLO 's and Secret Society Affiliations, that today will be a day of new beginnings as they find the truth and allow that truth to set them free in the mighty name of Jesus!

Father I thank You for strategically, effectively and dynamically using this ministry to expose, uproot and destroy the works of the enemy by any means necessary, in a unique and creative way that will meet the needs of each and every unique and creative Crhistian man, woman, boy or girl in a safe environment where they have the ability to remember, repent and return to Jesus Christ, by confessing their sins, denouncing their association with the GLO's and Secret Society Affliliations in Jesus name.

IFather, in Jesus name, I thank You for those that will visit this site, that don't know Your Son Jesus Christ and I pray that You will use this ministry as a vehicle to introduce Your Son, Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world.

I lift up every man, woman, boy and girl, that are looking for love in all the wrong places, those that come from broken & dysfunctional homes, lack of relationship with mom and dad, feelings of fear, abandonment and rejection, that got caught up or introduced to the GLO's and Secret Society Affliliations under the guise of beign a safe haven, being a home, being part of a family, being part of the sisterhood/brotherhood, I bind that lie in the mighty name of Jesus and thank You for exposing the spirit of deception, divination, the hspiriti of perversion and all fo the fruit on it's tree in Jesus name.

I loose the Spriit of Rigtheousness, TRUTH, holiness and purity in Jesus name name, thanking You for purifying hearts and minds, according to Your WORD in Psalm 51, thank You for letting Your will be done in the lives of the founder of this ministry, his leadership team, volunteers and those seeking help, healing and deliverance in the matchless name of Jesus, amen!...