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GLO's Exposed Discussion Forum
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I am 22. As of yesterday @ 1:44, I am officially a former member of Iota Phi Theta. Before I made a decision to denounce, I was everyone's "Super Iota" as well. In the course of time going back to Fall 05, I had held every leadership position in my chapter @ $%&***(. In many circles, I was one of the most recognized Iotas at school, maybe one of the more recognizable Greeks as well. I have had my share of parties, but I also did perhaps more comm service than most from my chapter. Since fall 06, I have had many reasons to want to denounce including: interpersonal relations, being initiated in a chapter marked by homosexuality, lack of brotherhood in a chapter/fraternity that promotes by ritual "Brotherhood Is The Light of The World", needless sacrifice of time and money and almost my life, general wrongs within other Greeks on campus, and basically that IPT was just beginning to take more from me than either I could give to them or receive from them.

I received revelation through 5 convictions that told me that staying involved or affiliated w/the fraternity this semester would only bring me a world of unbearable torture. After I looked at the reasons why, I began to understand the philosophy of those reasons and why those reasons existed, including a new mandate for an X number of comm service hours....but not to make a difference in the community, but to validate the presence and/or relevance of the fraternity and make people obey (i.e., worship) Iota Phi Theta. Any "good" works that a fraternity promotes can be done by individuals. Numbers 22 was revealed to me earlier yesterday by David J. Young, creator of the group The Real Big Reveal, representative of my 5 convictions.

Before today, I was always a believer in sight and could never walk by faith. However, after nites of contemplation of a chaotic semester, I finally saw that God was real and God had shown me that my affiliation and my work in Iota was not necessary, and I took my biggest step on faith I have ever taken.


I also feel as if La Palabra de Dios (Word of God) is against Greek organizations and other secret societies, not really b/c of what social and societal divisions they bring about w/all of us, but b/c it hinders us from being our best brother/sister in Jesus. As a Greek, one will use terms such as frat, soror/sawrah, bruh-Greek and sista-Greek to recognize themselves in Greekdom. While even in Greek unity's best moments, God also recognizes that the secrecy that divides Greek organizations also prevents folk from bein friends in His truest sense.

Let's get on a hypothetical tip and take me from my Greek days and 2 of my rounds are an Alpha and a Que....or da old me and one of my Greek cuzzos who are Nupes, AKAs and Deltas. Say for instance, anyone had any wrong done to them in their organization, by fraternal/sororital covenant, they cannot tell me what their problem is, so that I can support them, help solve a problem over interorganizational lines, or even sympathize or emphathize w/them, b/c they have to keep their troubles in-house.

Why is dat? It would not be taken publicly as a problem of an individual that needs to be solved moreso than it would be an embarrassment to whatever XYZ org they are from. If my Ma or Sis had a problem in AKA, they would not be able to come to me and put full support in me.

Result: I could not show my 100% love and support that is required of me by God as a Christian who loves his fellow man. I couldnt even help my own Ma and she and I go together like a coach and a quarterback. They, in turn, could not help me to their fullest either b/c I would have had to keep my troubles in-house. All Bruh-Greeks and Sista-Greeks will not fully feel any of each other's pain simply b/c they also may not have a bruh or soror that can do whatever about it. A CHRISTIAN brother/sister can, will, and is called to go the extra mile to help their fellow man/woman.

It is not a matter of hate, but Greekdom puts folk in positions where they cannot fully love b/c of in-house secrecy and taboo. God is not in favor b/c they promote forced brotherhood/sisterhood and social/societal divisions rather than freedom of love and unity. God calls for us all to love our fellow human 100%. I have not done that, but today is a new day and I am changing my ways.

This is why to be a true friend is better than being a frat, soror, Bruh-Greek or Sista-Greek. I would rather be everyone's true friend.

A frat, soror, BG or SG is a friend until you get into the business of a money, time, and soul-draining organization/society. A REAL ***** will die to be your true friend for FREE!

God Bless everyone! Pray 4 me cuz I pray 4 yall too!