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Indian Classical Dance

Dear Sir/Madame

Presenting The ONLY Multimedia ENCYCLOPEDIA on Indian Classical Dance. (In fact the Only Encyclopedia in any media).

The Seven Indian Classical Dance forms on a CD ROM, a topic of great interest amongst thousands of people worldwide, giving credence to millions of years of cultural heritage surrounding the Indian continent.

This graphical multimedia presentation is a boon to RESEARCHERS since it is the only

one-of-it's-kind available in the world and we are putting in our best effort to reach it to

a wider audience by making it available in outlets (stores, malls, libraries, etc) worldwide.

This CD ROM is a collector’s item, considering the detailed information available on it and educates on all the topics related to INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCE.

For further details, kindly visit OR please contact us at and give us your complete details eg. Name, address and telephone no., to help us contact you for the purchase of this educative multimedia presentation.


PRICE - USD $35 ex-India. (delivery charges would depend on location but an indicative would be an average of USD$15)

Thank You


Elizan Anthony